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    1. You idiot.. Dont you see you’re giving him what he wants? The only reason Dipshit did what he did, the only reason he was what he was, was so that he will be kept in our minds for time to come… Your comment proves his victory and I respect him for it. You on the other hand are nothing more than a victim, and you deserve nothing. Successful troll is successful. Good day.

  1. Thts funny…I have a better one though:(GUY) “You wanna see a magic trick?”
    (GIRL) “YEAH!”
    (GUY) “*POOF*! You’re single”

  2. thank you. i read this as i sipped carefully on a nice hot cup of tea, and couldn’t help but smile. assuming the one being dumped is a lady; it brought me much pleasure to imagine the tears falling from her bloodshot eyes. if only i could have heard her tears and cries.. it would have perhaps given me an erection. i cannot thank you enough, but for whatever good it does…….. thank you….thank you…
    – Hugh Grant

  3. Tired of seeing these, the way of the internet nowadays:
    1.See something you like
    2.Beat it to death like a Mongolian
    3.Everyone gets tired of it
    4.Next funny/clever thing somebody else trended

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