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    1. @ mexicans are faggots.
      Thats a 1/4, not plywood. looks like prolly oak.
      and his hands not broken.. he wouldnt have been able to move his fingers at the end. prolly just sprained to hell.

    1. For sure. I thought, he would have very slowly punched the board a few times to get the whole “envision your hand going through the board” thing down. And giving the board some kind of weak point is the whole trick for noobs.

  1. He still can move all of his fingers – had he really broken his hand he wouldn’t be able to do so without screaming like a pussy

    1. @ skeetstreet. Its not about pain. there are so many bones in the hand that you cant move it if you break even one. the whole hand swells up and stiffens. thats why the doctor will tell you “move it” if you can he says “its not broken” Ive personally broken 13 bones so ive been asked.

    1. Well it was sort of a joke not a troll, but what the heck, I’ll give it another try.

      In soviet russia, I think it was Easter
      I watched this vid and I fucked your mom

  2. first fail ur an idiot 2nd fail u was punching the wood ..if ya gonna do shit like that dont aim for the target aim behind it and punch through it . thats whats what i learned at muay thai when i first started doing it.. been doing it 13yrs now n its still the same ..punch through ur target ..

  3. Now, I’m no expert, but it seems to me, you don’t want to hit the board with a flat fist, as that would distribute the force of the blow… and then that happens.

    1. You’re a fail. Do you know WTF you’re talking about? Wood sawed that way is expensive and rare. Martial Artists break weak wood you dumb ass.

  4. Ofcourse it won’t even bend if you don’t put your body behind it. It wouldn’t even been a win if you broke it though, that piece of wood is thinner than my cock ._.

  5. He probably used normal wood cuz in karate they use a wood thats easy to break,i think its balsa wood that they use it really easy to break

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