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  1. wow ducklips on a guy…I think that is the first time I have seen that. Anywho, I am in full support of those that fake bake in tanning salons! At least they stand a better chance at getting skin cancer and dying off quicker 🙂

  2. With those eyebrows, I’m pretty certain that thing is some kind of A-rab. I wonder if that woman likes him for his personality or something else… hmmm…

    1. Appearntly you can’t read very well , he say “out” of your league . Besides the only ones in your league is you and your hand and maybe the no homo guy

    2. And APPARENTLY you can’t spell or have any sense of grammar, “he say” “only ones”….seriously if you’re going to correct someone make sure your shit is correct…moron….

    1. Any dude with greasy long hair, a duckface, shaved chest, shitty tan and never changes his shirt is obviously a coke head. I bet the only reason she kicks around is because she likes free coke. Fucking coke heads…

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