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    1. Indeed. TNB at its finest. With parents/guardians like this, the sprog will be lucky to make it to adulthood before one of his homies kills him over a QP of weed.

    1. RoccoL your such a smurfing racist, but why? Did your mom get smurfed by “Neroid” and caught him smurfing her in her back smurf hole?

  1. Not really a fail. the kids asleep, marijuana is not harmful, and even if the kid were awake they wouldn’t know what the hell is going on anyway. Whoever thinks this is a fail is a fail.

    1. well i am technical with Arsehole , weed as been studied and found to be less harmful to the body then cigarettes plus it would mellow the kid out and get a skinny kid to eat more lol

    2. Actually, it’s been proven that THC slows the motor, reasoning and thinking skills therefore, causing some form or mild retardation in babies. If it’s not safe for a mother to smoke while preganant causing premature labor, down syndrome, or autism, what makes you think that it’s ok when the baby is born to inhale this? This is also predisposing them use harder drugs or alcohol abuse when they’re older. What a successful life. I’m sorry, but you FAIL.

  2. I think images like this go to show why marijuana won’t be legalized, its look down upon in our society and the day that its ok to have pictures like this all around the web is the day I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    1. Yeah, well people roll their weed into a cigar all the time, and only a moron would suck and inhale on a cigar. So deduction says it’s weed.

  3. No,you ruined otherwise perfectly comment!
    Next time use work “porch monkey” or “Chimpanoamerican” to get your points back.

  4. nothing wrong with smoking herb around your kid ppl do it with cigarettes all the time which is worse, btw is that gucci mane with dreads?

  5. I’m more concerned about the ash falling onto baby’s forehead and the THC floating around in mom’s titty milk than the smoke.

  6. indeed I have, but for the most part it’s to either maximise their skankness or to minimise their girth…not so much to look like a man. Unless it’s a lesbo…could actually be one..I say it’s a lesbo…no, a man…

  7. This picture makes me want to throw up. Fucking black people man…they should NEVER reproduce. I’m not racist at all, just saying what’s on the majority of people’s minds.

    1. YOU ARE A DOUCHE. I really hope you don’t reproduce to spread your ignorant racist bullshit around.

    2. And by the way, starting with “I’m not a racist” probably wasn’t the way to go with that one.

  8. wow you all whine about what someone else is doin nosy ass mofos mind ya buisness lol j/k but seriously you are all fuckin stoopit wakkin on weed when go anywhere on friday night all you stoopit asses are gettin smashed actin like idiots yah you and yer fukin retard friends……screamin you are all fuckin retarded weed is harmless not as bad as drinking and smoking cigarettes and they both legal bitch about something that is real stop wasting your own breath cause noone gives a shit what u say anyways REEEEEEEEEEE

  9. SeriOUsly? If he was drinking or puffing cig smoke in a kids face ppl would be saying similar shit! And btw Tobacco is natural…(then sprayed) Both proven to have similar effect on infants in womb!!!!

  10. Not saying its correct to do but shit He is an idiot for posting it or allowing it to be posted. If i fuck up im damn sure not gonna show the world LOL

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