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  1. It always mystifies me how these kind of ‘atists’ get there song to this level of production… with all the different people involved along the way you’d think that at least one of them would have the sack to say “actually, let’s not bother recording this… it’s fucking shit”

    1. It’s because the people who own the studio / recording company are being paid by the ‘artist’ to produce the video and / or song for them. So basically they will do everything to get the ‘artist’ to believe that they have a talent or are special, so they cough up for the expenses. Then they’re on their own, and it’s on to the next Rebecca Black-esque wannabe popstar with rich parents or money to burn.

      oh while you’re correcting yourself, *artists (spelling nazi lol)

    2. Yeah, this kind of video takes like 2000 american dollars to produce. I mean, it’s a stage, a light, and a camera. The expensive stuff is the sound-production. She obviously didn’t pay a red cent for that.

    3. by the way there were only two people invovled in this. Jessica shores who writes and records all her music and then a person filming her live performance which was free!<3

    1. she was pretty much dying from an illness and was in the hospital for half a year right before this. i’d like to see your gf’s ass after being in the hospital that long with no solid food whatsoever dumb fuck

  2. Fat, Black and proud! That hoe has to be able to feed her 12 kids somehow! Makes me yearn for Rebecca Black though. Now there was some Black Talent! lmfao

  3. Sounds to me about like the average shit people are listenning to nowadays. It won’t surprise me if some record company adds three more words to it and within the year the paparazzi are running with cameras up her ass. She’ll probably be married to the “Situation” by then.

  4. She cannot pull that one peice off. Looks like a cheap hooker. Dancing is shit, song is just some crap chorus on repeat, and her voice is sucks and sounds like retard on sing star. That was cringe worthy. I felt dirty after that dancing…..not in a good way either.

    1. I sure hope she can’t pull that one-piece off. She looks bad enough with it on – don’t want to see her with it off!

  5. shes pulled a Jada
    thats my neice, when she doesnt know the words to a song she mumbles that part but still gets really into it ya know still getting down and dancin but not making any sense lol

  6. ok, first this a 1980’s work out video???? and how can you dance off beat to your own song??? smdh, Now on to the bad singing and this disease she has called noassatall. Anyone thought maybe they should get her singing lessons? maybe a voice modulator? or just have her milli vanilly it and Lipsync? Who told her she could sing…oh yeah the fool who shot this video to get her into bed, which I bet you he regretted *it’s gotta hurt hitting only bone, especially if she’s missing vital cushion like any resemblance of a butt

  7. Okay, FIRST off she is NOT black at ALL. She is Beaner =). But VERY white washed. She is twentysix years old and supports herself like a twentysix year old woman should. Her parents are a normal middle-class american family, so quit assuming shit you are only making as(they are professional djs)ses out of yourselves. Also genius who said it takes 2000 American dollars to produce, not true. We are good friends with the guy who set it up and also his wife. They do this all the time for their friends and give amazing discounts. She has a passion for music big deal? At least she is confident enough to go out and live her dream unlike you fat pieces of shit who just sit behind a computer all day bashing girls who would never even gie you the time of day. oh and nice low blow about making fun of her stomach dumb fuck she just had surgery and almost died. Her stomach was all bloated from a botched surgery and this video was a little after she got out of the hospital. I hope your mother gets stage 4 breast cancer and dies all alone in a hospice, and i will spit on her grave ^__^

    1. She is fucking ugly! I would never ask for the time of day! I’ve banged out hookers in foreign countries that look better than her!
      So it didn’t even cost 2000 to make this music video that looks like it was made in someones basement before they raped the shitty singer!
      Stop being stupid dumbass and just admit that she needs to stop wasting her time.
      Stupid fucking oc bitches who think they are worth shit when they aren’t!

    2. are you hot? let me see a picture of you. because, you must be fucking amazing looking since you think you have the right to put down others based on their looks. she did this for fun you fucking cunt, thats it. for FUN. not for a gig, not to try and get signed, just for FUN. FUCK. so people can’t do shit for fun anymore? get a life you pathetic piece of uterine tissue

    3. I was reading these comments and i just realized the one who commented with the user name haha j shores sucks knew to much like living in Orange County.. they made that user name just to comment problem the one who posted it to the site. Hahahahaha stupid… years later look who is sellin out shows and making bank from record sales…😭😭😭😭😭

  8. I don’t understand the reason for this video being on here. Its a girl trying to make a music video, after reading her comments sounds like she writes her own music, Good for her atleast she is out trying what she likes, but people who can only insult people when they are behind a computer want to cut her down, but if they were approached in person their balls would shrivel up inside them and go running for their mommies. I’m not praising or putting down this video, but do give her congrats on atleast trying, anyone who doesn’t like it, watch something else, or yet go back to watching porn since your hand will be the only girlfriend you will probably ever have.

  9. to i have boobs i hope your mother burns alive in front of your very eyes you dumb cunt, just so i can say “omg she has bad skin!”

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