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  1. Let me count the fails!
    Hair ‘creation’, drawn on eyebrows, lashes, tits on a plate and ugly fuckin fingernails…

  2. Well lets see…..
    -Bra hangin outta her shirt
    -Boobs hanging outta her bra
    -non-matching jewelry
    -drawn on eyebrows
    -horrible hair style
    -Big ass lips
    -and big ass man hands
    I think that is all.

  3. Anyone that says they’d still have sex with This…. Congratulations, you’d fuck a dog. I’m glad you hold yourself with that high of regard that you need self satisfaction and reinforcement THAT badly. —— Women seriously need to stop doing this to themselves. It’s pathetic. Plastic surgery should only be available to those who sincerely need it (burn victims, etc). Not extremely desperate whores like this.

    1. She REALLY needs a surgery. Just to put that sh*t away.

      If there is no structural modification, face it : She can’t be from Earth, you’re looking at an alien. With a factory chimney over her “head”.

  4. Stop referring to him as her. When the hand of the creature is pretty much the size of it’s head – you’re safe to assume your dealing with a male of the species.

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