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  1. Looks like another “ghetto lobster” in the making.
    I’m sure crack head Shanuiquintia will still manage to stuff the sprog into the microwave and set to “high”.

    1. I see you haven’t added to the 3 brain cells that are swimming around inside that odd, oversized head of yours…

    2. JK don’t pay him any mind. He is the one with the crack mother and incest brothers and sisters. I mean its Epic Fail the only avenue he has of getting attention. Enjoy the dumbness of the picture and leave the little dick racist fools to what they love best. Eating their own cum and jacking off with his best friend.

  2. Why is it that black people look less appetizing? seriously, if I had a choice to eat a black or white/Asian baby, someone else would be having the dark meat.

    1. Uhoh someone has to much cum in the throat. I guarantee these two are dick jacking and sucking partners. I believe you are the two that say “I’m not gay” but get hard by looking at another mans dick. Stop with your racist rants because you can not understand why your dick gets hard when you see another mans cum. HA!

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