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    1. You seriously don’t get it? The tampon wasn’t in the toilet. The tampon was still in her vagina with the string hanging down. When she reached between her legs to throw her cigarette in the toilet, the string caught fire. Idiot.

  1. For those who dont understand. There is a tampon string coming out of her vagina. She is sitting on the toilet. She puts the cigarette between her legs and into the water but it lit the string on the way down.

  2. I’m going to stick a tampon up my ass then try to ignite the string with a cigarette. Purely for scientific reasons of course, to disprove this fail. See kids, science can be fun too.

  3. I’m not convinced this could happen. It’s actually really hard to set something on fire with a cigarette, much less have it happen accidentally, in mid air, over a bowl of water.

  4. @haha no shit it was in her pussy moron. a fucking smoke wont even catch paper on fire it’ll just burn through, so stfu and suck a dick

    1. Awww you’re mad because this was really you, wasn’t it? Take 2 midol and try again when you’re off your period.

    1. @ brandon there is this great invention called a reply button. YOu click it to reply as opposed to creating a new comment. Noone cares about you or what you think 😉 Moron =D

  5. What an incoherent conversation. So she wasn’t standing when she “threw” the cigarette in the toilet. Ok then, what was she doing sitting down? Pissing on the tampon? Don’t most women stand up to do this?

  6. It eather says a lot about her toilet, or about her vagina. The tampon, and the string is made of cotten, it doesn’t burn that easy.

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