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  1. Why is this a food chain win ? They arent eatin eachother or something , those animals are both herbivores and that rihno didnt wanted to share its food , thats it. When i first read the title i thought a lion or something is gonna eat the little boars lol

    1. A lion eating another animal is so common. To see a Rhino impale a warthog and flip him up in the air like a rodeo clown is a “win” itself. You must be a boring person. lol

    2. I was reffering to the title , which is wrong , the video itself is great ye. Oh and stop calling the boars , warhogs , that shit is retarded.

    3. @ Bitch, Please: Umm… they’re fighting for food. Prepare to have your mindhole blown. The food-chain is best known as a who-eats-who but it also pertains to who eats before who. In this case, the rhino is above the hog because it gets to eat first.

    4. Your logic is flawed. “A food chain is a linear sequence of links in a food web starting from a trophic species that eats no other species in the web and ends at a trophic species that is eaten by no other species in the web.” It seems a food chain is what consumes what not what “eats before what” Bitch is correct, the fail name suggests an animal is going to be consumed.

    5. I think ‘pecking order’ is the term being sought, though it may need to be revised to ‘impaled, thrown in the air, and left to die without a second glance order’ in this case.

    6. Pyro404, a linear sequence is not part of this. Also, the ‘food chain’ wouldn’t start with a trophic species (you fucktard). Next time you try to use big words to confuse people, think about your own argument first. I didn’t say the food-chain was a bunch of animals who don’t eat each-other. I said that it not only includes animals who eat other animals, but also includes the animals ability to obtain food before another. Retard…

    7. Pyro… Did you seriously check google as a credible source???really???

      A food chain would have to be a circle to be truthful so in essence a food chain is a web therfore there is a hierarchy, hence this being a food chain win. Not to mention the rhino added dinner to that chain so the bigger animals will feed due to dominance. I dont tink a vulture will get fisrt crack at that easy meal. I win

    8. A food chain is not a web and should not be confused with a food web with is a long of chains. Please do more research before attempting to discredit my statements, you’ll avoid looking foolish. A food chain is a linear path of species for example but not limited to: sun, grass, grasshopper, frog, snake, predatory bird and so on ending with an animal that is eaten by no others. A food web is a link of food chains. As was already covered by “shouldagoneoutthewindow” pecking order is a more appropriate term then food chain fail.

    9. This is not a food chain, because the rhinos do not eat boars which in turn eat grass (like grass<boars<rhinos) – that's a chain. This is more of a territory defense.

    1. Random Commenter you have redeemed yourself to me! I apologize for buttfucking your sister and mom in the soviet Russia jokes.
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    1. Wow, man. Congrats! That must be the first decent comment from you that I read on this website…

    1. I know what u mean, and not just subtlety either. Notice how leftie is on his knees like “we are not worthy” shit? Smart boar…

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  3. The rhino is clearly blind on its right eye. The boar should have approached from the other side.

    My work here is done. *flies off*

    1. Tribadism, commonly “tribbing” is not called scissoring. This might assist you in your hunt for porn that features it. lol.

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