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    1. I was being sarcastic … 😉
      oh, and by the way .. my english is not so good because I’m Dutch 🙂

      and perhaps the Dutch humor is different then American?

    2. Your English seems quite good. Most Uhmericans don’t understand or know the meaning of big words like sarcastic anyway. I guess I was being sarcastic or facetious, myself.

    3. Haha ! Thnx! If you want to believe it’s her dick .. you have my blessing 😉
      you would indeed say that it’s penis..

    4. Well, her’s is much smoother than mine and not as veiny, but going by my dancing nude in front of the mirror, I’d have to say: Yeah, that’s what she’s got, a penis.

  1. She should have worn a skirt, this wouldn’t have happened if she just wore a skirt.

    Good-luck everyone! *flies off*

  2. i don’t even see why this is a fail. It is OBVIOUS that that is an arm from that other chick. if it wasn’t so obvious, then it would be a fail. I wouldn’t have even considered that arm something akin to a dick had this pic not been on this site. not only that, but that chick is freakin fine. i was too busy admiring her hotness to focus on the arm.

  3. Hey Fred, you are a fucking moron. Before talking shit about the intelligence of Americans, you should learn how to spell along with the proper usage of punctuation. Where are you from? Stupid cocksucker.

    1. Obvious American is obvious -smirks-
      It’s kinda true though that Americans happen to pull off the most bullshit in this world :3 Not to be rude but it’s pretty much true

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