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  1. omg . . . -___- are they serious ?
    get the fuck over it.
    its just words.
    not even racist. . . if they would have put some shit like.
    u mad nigga. they mayeb it would be something to investigate.
    tis was corny. they play football but they soft that the words you mad bro get them feelin attached. boooooo

  2. Black people are often called “Brothers” by white people, maby not anymore but that’s why they got offended.

    They are probably too retarded to know that nerds nowadays use “U MAD BRO” to provoke rage.

  3. Oh my god, words literally almost fail me (almost). The fact that the people in this are actually saying out loud that it’s racist without bursting into laughter slays me. It’s absolutely not racist and the people who say that is it are racist themselves as they are attributing that people of the “opposite” color use a word and the word, however innocent, is offensive – pathetic. Oh, and as a white man am I not allowed to use the term “bro” to another person whatever the color or have African Americans patented its use? What words am I allowed to use, can someone please tell me? This pathetic cringing in the face of faux outrage is sickening and does no race any good at all. Have a nice day bro’s

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