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    1. Sounds like a load of bull.
      Just typical winner taunting, goes on a lot.
      People need to thicken their skin a little !

    1. I think it’s because I’m incredibly ugly. Plus I was nailing her from behind. Will do in front of the mirror next time.

  1. It’s shocking that this shit even makes the local news. Political correctness is balls. Can’t even wear my ‘I <3 Coontang: Jungle fever' T-shirt any more. Free world indeed.

    1. We don’t even have that usually. Racism, sexism, squirrel-loving… all the good stuff is frowned upon. Thank fuck for the Internet.

    2. that falls under the freedom of expression. We lost that long ago. Still have the freedom of opinion. For example if you say to a cop “you are a fuck head” you are expressing yourself with verbal assault and can be arrested. But if you say “In my opinion you are a fuck head” at least in Canada, they have no legal grounds to touch you.

    3. no Nicky, that’s sexual assault and you should seek the assistance of their supervisor and or the press. lol

    4. freedom of opinion, does not exist in the world unless your the ruler of your land. otherwise you could get shot…. or jailed, just say a phrase with these words in it over the phone to see; bomb, trade center, president, explosives, dipsht is straight, kill, attack. combine any 3 or more you get flagged as a terrorist

    5. I’m glad I dont live in your world. The reality is that we do still have the freedom of opinion. You are referring to the freedom of speech which was lost long ago. Additionally, I and other canadians can say “bomb the world trade centre wile dipshit fucks the president in the ass” all we want on the phone and they don’t do anything to us. Assuming the majority agrees with you, perhaps you have a good reason to start a revolution. It is the right of the people to rise up as a majority against their government if the best interest of the people is not upheld by that government.

    6. sure that is a wide belief but if ever put in practice, they would find themselves labeled as terrorist and enemies of the state in which they reside. most governments say you have these freedoms but those that have served know all your freedoms that one believes they have are nothing more than a ideal in which the US was founded on but not upheld.

    7. The US is FUBAR. You guys think you’re free but have you ever been in Washington on July 4th? There were military checkpoints everywhere… almost like you find in ‘bad’ countries like Cuba.
      Also, your education system, medical system, prison system, government spending, racial segregation, and public awareness are shit. You guys think your military is fighting for freedom and world safety… when really it’s causing more exploitation and death than anybody else. Saddam wasn’t that bad compared to either Bush president…

    8. If there was a way that Canada could help, we would. But Uh-merikans are hopeless. Told to believe something and they believe it. Asking questions is shunned upon, mocked and then ridiculed. Example: Americans call Canadians stupid. Fact: Did you know that most of NASA’s equipment is built by Canadians? Example: American’s say Canada has a socialist medical system. Fact: Everyone in Canada has available healthcare, no matter their income or social status. the list is really long… I should blog… is blogging still cool in America?

    9. We canadians have our own right issues. Look at the g20 riots. The police let it happen, then without warning started arresting mostly just the peaceful protesters. And Harper is trying to reinstate two of the most bullshit clauses of the terrorism act(that were abolished in 2007) that allow police to detain anyone without warrant or cause for 3 days just by saying the word “terrorist” and pulling out the cuffs. Also for a judge to have the ability to force anyone to testify under the threat of imprisonment.

      And Primus.. you’re damn right we can. Americans make fun of Canadians with half truths and out right bullshit. Canadians make fun of Americans with fact.

    10. It’s things like this that make me happy that I have no pride in being American.
      A sad, cold, collapsing world.
      We’re 5% of the world’s population and we use 50% of the world’s resources. Someone, call us on it! Please!

  2. GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE goddamn people who don’t use the internet have no business being…..alive. Oh and of course Fox news would report this right wing bull over the air.

    1. Fox News is supposed to be racist you dumb spook/porch monkey(thats our[as in white people] term now, we took it back)/moon cricket.

    2. @Johnny I know I can’t wait til Fox news reports that Fox news has been bombed by every descent minded person who doesn’t watch that garbage.

  3. Typical hyper sensitive negroids.
    It’s a way of life for these people. Bitching, whining, then a lawsuit.”Gib’s me dat!!”

    1. By the looks of your grammar you’re either ignorant or a foreigner. And @djarem, roccol could be Latino, or Native American or a black person that hates his own kind, But if he is white, just because he is racist doesn’t mean all white people are. BTW why are Americans so stupid is a much better question than yours.

    2. I find people of colours other then white have more racist things to say these days..though white is becoming a minority here.

    3. Ok BOOBS looks at RoccoL’s post from previous minority comments and tell me what nationality it is off the basic language use and point of view it depicts. It is also a safe assumption that RoccoL is not a minority or high class.

  4. “I have a dream… That one day… White girls… And black girls… will play together… Preferably naked…”
    Ali G (loose translation but fuck it)

  5. It’s funny how you never see on the news when a bunch of blacks attack a white person for no reason, but God forbid we call them bro……LOSERS!!!!!

    1. yes you do, they just call it something else like gang violence or mugging. but a white does it to a black HATE CRIME

  6. fk’n blacks. godda**. im sick of them using the “race” card all the time. always tryin to get a handout. im surprised fox actually had talked to a few. guess they wasnt in too big a hurry to get back in the welfare line.

  7. racism my a$$. soon it will be racists to call a black person black. what the hell happend to letting people being people and just enjoying a person for who they are and not what they looke like…this is so past retarded that its just tard….

  8. I don’t see how this is racist, but I find it hilarious that the news is using urban dictionary to define shit they don’t know about. Hahahahaha

  9. waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa suck it up and quit acting like everybody is picking on black people dang and while your at it pull up your fricken pants nobody wants to see your skid marks in your nasty unwashed underware

  10. Hmmm, an election coming up, and a certain “president” going for re-election. A rash of stories in the news about racism. Coincidence? Perhaps….perhaps not.

  11. Repblicans gotta get the country thinking they abhor racism…so they can feel, as well as look, guilt free when they start using BS made up propaganda to roast Obama in the upcoming elections. GOD knows they have some real geniuses to offer as candidates this time around LMAO!

  12. this is coming from a black guy. I just have a theory. I don’t even think “You Mad, Bro?” was even the thing that those dudes are bitching about. I honestly think they heard some real shit and the news crew cooked up the rest of this shit to make us look bad. This is just my opinion by the way.

  13. All the blacks are playing the racist card now. Its against the law for whites to call blacks “the N word” but they call eachother that all the time! And black people say stuff about whites all the time! Call someone black and they say its racist. JUST DISCRIBING WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE! And black people always say they got it bad, BUT THEY GOT IT SOOOO GOOD! Most live off of welfare (no offense to the ones that actally work) and they get benefits because there a ‘minority’ >:( AND THE “OH I WAS A SLAVE” thing. YOU were never a slave to start with. Your GREAT GRANPA mighteve been a slave, but not YOU. And EVERY RACE WAS A SLAVE AT ONE POINT. SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU. Black people were just recently slaves, thatswhy they talk about it so much. AND we didnt even TAKE most of you. We went to your tribes, the cheifs gave us the banished people and people that were on the craplist, and others, some people made them work for a little amount of time to pay for passage to America, which other races did that method too. Such studpidity.

  14. Well the only racism I hear/read are the ones in this comments.

    And as for dude above me is concerned not all of us black people pull the race card. I really hate it when ignorent pricks find a way to say everything is racist. I don’t like saying the “N word” as some people think we all do. Its a stupid word that no man, black or white(or anyone else for that matter) should use. I also don’t like a lot of overly sensitive pricks who flame on others for little shit either. Those people in that clip made me facepalm for how they think “You mad, Bro” like they assuming “Bro” was the “N Word”. I don’t the way some people describe a few ignorant hoodrats as Black people in general. I admit my race was shitted on in the past but that is just it. THE PAST. So don’t think you know us as a whole. And I especially hate the fact that some white people want to pull the “reverse” race card. I don’t complain about how a person act or what ever. Its just that I am sick of hearing about all the bitching from both sides of race. If people would not think of Race(Blacks to Whites, WHites to everyone, etc.) so much everything would be a whole lot better. But I don’t think its likely.

    1. A word is a word is a word. Actions have power a word has no power, it cant harm you. Once everyone of every race learns this the world will be a better place.

  15. This is unsportsmanship, not racism. Just a bunch of pissed off people trying to fuck with each other. In countries where races live together, racism is dieing, just let it go peacefully and it will be gone.

    1. I dont think unsportsmanship is a word. And I agree, racism is dying and should be left to do so but there is still a lot of it around. Americans have black people accusing white people of it, Canadians have natives doing exactly the same. Some places in Africa and Asia for example people are killed for being the wrong race and it could be so minor as the wrong shade of yellow black, brown, whatever.

  16. REALLY?! since when was saying BRO racist?????? are blacks really THAT insecure about their color ? i cant get over that. and its really gonna make it on the news.

    1. as was covered previously in this thread, They cant have it. Those of us of other races also use the term bro when talking to our bros of every race and will continue to do so.

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