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  1. does this THING really feel the need to FORCE confusion onto anyone who sees it? Fuckin pick one and be it, a dude dressed like a bitch can technically still get punched the fuck in the face…

    1. Wow, really insightful post there gappy! It never occurred to me that a guy wearing pink with a bow in his hair might like it up the pooper. Thanks for pointing that out.

    2. My goodness you are correct! I’ve seen this kind of thing too, back in Bangladesh, 79 I think.
      It’s some kind of gene mutation, poor souls end up having sex with each other, how bizzare I would say

    3. how nostalgic, i remember i used that “look in the mirror” phrase when i was small too. i simply caaaaaant remember why i stopped using it 🙁
      aww there got to be a reason

  2. Okay like you guys are gonna tell me that you never dance around in your mother’s underwear with your weiner tucked between your legs? Aaaah good times!

    1. What the fuck… i dont know what’s worst your comment or this picture? i do know one thing, they both are pretty shitty

    1. Every comment you make is always something racist. You are very insecure and most certainly wouldn’t say any of this to a black person’s face. God don’t like ugly. We are all created equal.

    2. Oh really?
      If this was 1984 and we had cases of bad blood transfusions then yes.
      But now…its faggots, bi-sexuals, needle dopers, and other assorted low lifes who get AIDS. Seen the black AIDS/HIV rates lately?
      Go get some schooling then come on back.

    3. You’re a fucking moron RoccoL. Its not just homosexuals, bisexuals, druggies, and blacks who get Aids/HIV. Children can be born HIV positive and a white straight woman can get Aids just as a white straight guy can. Grow up. Since you read all the statistics, you should know that.

    4. I did KatieDumb.
      Dumb fuck minorities like djarem are on the fast track to contact AIDS far more than so called whites. (See CDC HIV/AIDS stats.)
      Of course whites and newborns contact it but at a far less rate than the shit for brains inner city blackies.
      I shan’t shed a tear because crack mammy Shanquintinta shared a dirty smack needle or fucked a fagggoty down low buck and thus passing AIDS on to her sprog.
      It’s called natural selection and you negroids are on the shopping block more and more each day.

    5. @katieb
      Don’t waste your time on this degenerate. With a hatred so absolute, it makes me wonder who subjected him to the forceful and undoubtedly involuntary buck-on-puny-redneck loving that he’s still having nightmares about… just pretend he’s not there. I strongly suspect that the only human contact he gets, is with the people he works so hard on pissing of on this website. Notice how there isn’t a single posting with even the slightest possibility of scary, hitleresque racism that gets untouched…it’s what the sad tool lives for…

    6. One more thing…notice the use of shopping where I assume he meant chopping? Another very good example amongst many I myself and others have made of the sad tools desperate attempt to feign a bit of intelligence where there clearly is none. As has been scientifically proven time and time again, ignorants with the same disgusting views suffer from cognitive disadvantages…makes you almost sorry for the bastard doesn’t it…

    7. Bisexual men get a tear in their butt and then a load of HIV cum. Then “hetero” women get get it the same way from their “manly” man. That’s the main way “heteros” get it.
      Now, “Science”, prove the facts wrong.

    8. Just so know you RoccoL, I’m white. Fucking moron. And I grew up in the south and still do not possess the same small-minded stupidness you seem to have. Secondly, it is NO child’s fault that it is born with any disease. Would you blame a child’s mother if it was born with leukemia??? It’s not the child’s fault if it’s mother is a druggie and ends up with AID/HIV or any other disease passed from an irresponsible mother. Why don’t you grow up Rocco and go back to school and learn some fucking grammar. Doesn’t your computer have spell check. Are you that stupid? Wait, that was a dumb question. Yes, you are.

    9. And thank you Pippi. He probably got his way of thinking while fuckin his mama, sister, and cousins. No wonder his grammar and spelling is no better than it is.

    10. my aunty died of AIDS after a blood transfussion back in 86. She left three kids without a mom, was that her fault – FUCKWIT GO BACK TO SCHOOL…

    11. contract* I think this is what you meant by ‘contact’, Rocco. Sorry, just couldn’t let it go unnoticed.

  3. well, he could at least make a genuine attempt and shave his damn face…..i’m just sayin if your going to do something you need to do it all the way….

    1. lol, I AGREE!!!! and what’s up with the 2 different shade of contacts, is he trying to look like a sheep dog?

    1. And the prize for ‘People who take things too seriously’ goes to: Tim.

      For: Having no real reason for saying it’s photo shopped except for one of two things. 1) That’s tim’s facebook pic. 2) Tim hates going outside because other people are there.

      Good work, Tim. Your new i-cock is in the mail.

    2. I thought the same thing, but wasn’t gonna bother saying it. Let people experience it in ignorance, cuz it’s funnier that way. But yeah, this has photoshop all over it. I do this shit all the time, funny as hell XD

    3. Ah, but the beauty of a well done photoshop? It just might NOT be a photoshop… I’ve lost access to some FB friends’ pictures lol

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