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    1. well it is true, many weak minded individuals with little to no grasp on grammar will not see the humor in any of these “jokes” … keep clicking on other fails I’m sure the fart and dick jokes are still in there somewhere…and leave the highbrow to the non-cavepeople 😉

  1. The cusses is so funny and so detailed. If I had friends on facebook and I post these jokes to them. They’ll probably delete me on facebook, no questions asked.

    1. NOW THAtS a funny joke lmao
      i rlly dint find these jokes above amusing in anyway as much as i found this one lovd the joke 😛

  2. This was probably the stupidest thing posted on the Internet, then someone added “WIN” to it and posted it on, making it even stupider.

  3. “Yo Mama” comes from a black tradition called “doin’ the dozens” Both Speckled Red and Coco Taylor recorded versions. Bo Diddly continued the tradition with a song called “Say, Man”. It usually involves two guys swappin’ funny insult about each others girlfriends, families, clothes, vehicles, appearance, etc.

  4. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID, that seeing an intellectually stimulating conversation that stems from a weaker minded degenerate one causes you to eith a: says dumb ass jokes, or b: become jealous of those that are smarter than you to a point of your insulting them to make your self feel better. i mean really, this is a great literairy peice! and if your to small to see that, or to jealous to enjoy it…pick up whats left of your tiny ego, and find another site to drool on.

  5. My Grammar is perfectly fine, and i understood all of it.. but i still think it was just absolutely stupid, and not funny in any way. so.. FAIL!

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