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  1. Hey Amy, tell Kurt Cobain his music sucked and that powerchords are for talentless asswads. Also, if you run into ex US President Regan, kick him in the nuts for all the shitty false information he fed the planet about marijuana. Cocksucker deserves it.

    1. hey smrt, kurt cobain made better music than u will ever make, which fukkin cant, talkin shit bout cobain? no way u can ever come up with a sound!! dumb ass!!!

    2. Oh gosh, oh my… In basic guitar, which I teach, we use nirvana because it’s simple, and repeats over and over. Maybe I’m wrong, and you’re right… Who knows.

    1. wknds (short for weekends)
      Q: can’t wknds be longer?
      A: yes. weekends.

      (WEEKENDS longer than WKNDS) Get it?

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