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  1. This is the music in the video.

    The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound Of Jean Jacques Perrey

    The Little Ships

  2. What is the song in the background? I want it as my cell ringtone ^^ and I try to walk in the same way ;D I think it’s not a fail…it’s specific, true, but not fail.

    1. I defy you to find a better video. After re-watching this several months later, I decree this is a masterpiece.

  3. did I really just watch that twice?? yes… I’m at a loss for words..and laughing hysterically

  4. I have never laghed so hard at a video in my entire life. I can’t stop watching it!! Everyone I know has to see it. I nearly pissed myself laughing, and had tears rolling down my eyes. This is amazing

  5. What the hell did i just watch? Am i on LSD or did that video really happen. The music and video combined will give me nightmares.

  6. Yes we all agree this is quite the sight for sore eyes…….great humor and the best and hardest laugh we have had in ages. This vid is the exact reason the vids are rated f and require an extra pair of pants!

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