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  1. Boyfriend Fail? Try “Disgusting piece of shit woman who’s probably a lesbian but wants to torture her unfortunately stupid boyfriend fail”

    1. hahahhahaaaa!!! I think you have a point there! I would never ask my man to do that! Nasty bitch and imbecile bf!

  2. this a girl win I guess show us some men can do anythings for vagina and I sure they didnt get laid… Need natural selection for that kind… :/ it is disgusting anyway…

    1. Maybe but its not my language and I dont care if its winner or not… I can manage my work and thats all I need. What about you can you do anything with your nice grammar ?

  3. lmao this guy has to be a retard or his girl must have the best vagina know to man either way i will b damned ten times over before i do that

  4. I honestly do not see how you chewed up a tampon ,unless you have teeth like a Honey Badger . If you swallowed (hahaha) it whole , then I would probably go to the e.r. so it does not create a bowel obstruction. Might I add you find a better girlfriend? Maybe one that just wants you to go down while she is on her period , rather than making you eat the sanitation contents ?

  5. I think things like this are totally fake. Look at the time stamps on all the so called fails like this. They are only minutes from being made. Are you telling me everyone one on this site has some sixth sense on when some thing funny comes up? FAKE

  6. Is my girlfriend going to get sick? I just stuffed a whole jar of Fleschmann’s, Active Dry, All Natural, baker’s yeast in her snatch. It’s fermenting, now. She’s got a wire brush and has scratched till it’s bleeding. Should I pour alcohol on it or something?

    1. mmm let me ask brainy smurf then i will get back to you, leet them plug her up and have her jump to mix for now

    2. brainy told me to ask drunkard smurf, but over all unplug and let it breathe for now, do you of a chastity belt for her? preferably copper

    3. Well, I was gonna use an old piece of garden hose that I have laying around in the bathroom, but I guess copper would work better.

    4. Pretty hot! I’m kinda worried that it may not cool down enough to kill off the yeast. Maybe I should give her some kinda hormones near the end of the three weeks?

    5. Right, good idea. I guess I gotta go out and get a catheter. I mean, I wouldn’t want anything “dirty” to mix in.

    6. does she give her consent? if so go for it chain her to the wall just make sure to feed and water her like a good owner

    7. Yeah, Mom doesn’t mind. It’s just that I’ll have to pay a visit to the penitentiary. Fuck! Death Row gives me the creeps!

    8. Well, the chaining thing could be a problem. Have to let her out due to school just starting back. Gotta worry about DHR, ya know.

    9. right…. so i guess you can’t treat her like we treat smurfette bummer. then you never know who’s hands have been in the pot

  7. Mannn, enough with the yahoo answers shit.

    Vast majority are more than likely to be fake and written by spoiled little teen shits who have nothing better to do with their time than fill the internet with crap and play CoD on their parent’s dime.

    1. Yeah, if this actually happened (which I have no doubt is just bullshit), she immediately called her gf to tell what a dumbfuck her boyfriend was. Women talk like they’re saints until they get with their gfs. Then they make us guys look like saints.

  8. Some ethnic in my country practice this as black magic! There’s a (satanic) belief that when a man swallows menstruation blood (yuck! yuck! yuck!), he’ll forever obey the woman. Drop the blood to his tea, he’ll be yours truly.
    Totally sick and satanic practice, but some people especially in rural countryside still do it.

  9. i think this dude is the boyfriend of the “vampire bitch” that put blood on her dudes food!! seriously look that shit up, come back and read this!! CONNECT THE DOTS! WIN!!

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