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    1. You want to risk sloppy seconds (or thirds or fourths or…) and infections?

      Good for you; your mother would be so proud!

    1. Obviously. Would say it’s a old boyfriend, but vengence such as this wreaks of a soft womanly touch. My bet is on a female rival.

  1. Boy! I hope I’m first! For once it will actually matter instead of like the lifeless dumbasses who are always fighting for the perceived honor.

  2. If it’s real, someone is going to jail for attempted murder. If it isn’t real, someone has a brilliantly fucked up sense of humor and clearly hates whoever is in that picture- even if it’s herself.

    1. yea, you don’t get off the hook that easy. Person dies, good chance you’ll be prosecuted for felony-murder years down the line.

      And what difference does it make if its just assault now? Its fucked up beyond belief that someone would either do this to someone thinking it would just be assault and even more fucked up for someone to knowingly want to be infected with HIV.

  3. Wouldn’t it be easier to hire an infected hooker for him to fuck?? People are so stupid!! If you are gonna get revenge at least do it right!
    P.S. if someone put that as a joke, their IP address is recorded and police will show up to have a little chat. Good luck moron…..

  4. Are like 99% of you all brain dead?? Someone else obviously posted that as some sort of payback/revenge! Geez, you all are the real epic fails… can’t tell what’s real or not.

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