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  1. Ya gotta really wonder about people that like to take pictures in public bathrooms. Even if they’re aiming the camera at themselves they seem to be going after that peripheral target.

    1. i kinda wish it was in the women’s bathroom room with a hot girl taking a topless pic…. sorry i think i just smurfed my pants
      while i was typing this

  2. That man in the background has some kinda weird ass-back. Kinda like Station in Bill & Ted. And the lad in the photo has a truly impressive schnoz. You can’t be a narcissist with that on your face.

  3. Nude dude in the back using the wall dryer to dry is old balls.
    Why do old guys insist on hanging out naked in gym locker rooms. The other day at the gym this fat fuck was balls out reading the newspaper.
    Put. On. Some.God. Damn. Droors. Dummy

  4. whats wrong with everyone going on about gay? get a grip get over the whole gay thing… NEWSFLASH we dont want you…. u would be lucky to get a woman let alone a man….. were quite picky!!

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