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    1. True. This is why teenagers shouldn’t allowed to drink alcohol. They’re retarded when sober, let alone drunk. He was just lucky that there was a nice soft car to break his fall.

    2. @Nicky, nah that isn’t true. I guess Americans are a little bit weird when drinking alcohol lol. There is a reason that they are alowed to drink alcohol when they’re 21 or above. Yep, because of this shit.

    3. i wish that car wasnt there! he needed to get his arm or leg broken for such a stupit act, on second thought, the embarrassment might be enough.

    1. Yeah, its some kind of drinks promo. Thats why the girls drink it first, then it shows the roof jump guy drinking.

    1. right! Lol, I have to give him credit though he did make it to the other roof but the bounce off was priceless.

  1. Whenever someone finishes a beer, squeezes the can, and flings it aside before doing something physical, you know it’s going to end badly.

  2. That was a failed mission from the start. I went to HS with a kid who tried doing that in college. Tried to jump between 2 triple deckers. He’s not with us anymore. Stupid kids drinking.

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