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    1. Alot of them are afraid of the number 13, but not the spelling. In an elevator in Thailand they will not label a 13th floor as 13. They put 12th as 12A and then the 13th as 12B. But then again, it could just be a fuckup.

    2. Local women/ transvestites/ sheep refer to me as “The superstitious lover” because I keep my penis at 12.9″ to avoid bad luck. Also never have sex under a ladder.

    3. Nicky, you’re obviously confusing centimeters with inches. Turn your ruler over.
      BTW: Wasn’t that you on the video I saw recently with the three girls laughing and sticking their fingers in your little hidey hole?

    4. Haha funny Fred 🙂 but don’t judge his tiny penis….I know you have an itsy bitsy one…. XD

    5. Okay, Alexandra, for one that’s not interested, you sure are the challenging type. Me thinks you’re trying to get me to show my “wee-wee”.

    6. I was just kidding Fred!! But if I ever want to see your penis…I would ask ….but I didn’t so I don’t wanna see it

  1. The superstitious triskaidephobia (fear of 13) is western, especially american. It derives from The Last Supper, where there were 13 men, and one of them was to betray Jesus.

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