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    1. Hory shiiiiitttttttt! its cockzirra, run for your rife.

      bukake, golden showers, gross food and electronics……..every asian falls under one of these categories. Fuck em!

    1. ahhh so touching when family finds is-self, makes me almost want to cry….almost Papa Smurf don’t cry that why i have Whiney Smurf

    1. Well, actually, I was thinking about going to Toys-R-Us and seeing if they have any of those things for sale. Hell, it would give me something to do on Friday nights. And, since before, I haven’t really had a reason to buy a penis extender, I thought it might be fun to trash the house with one.

  1. i think he had his own orgasim in the godzilla dick,it must have took some time to put up all the tinfoil walls and put all that shit in the room

  2. uh..this might be far off here..but..
    that strap-on looks like making a statement about japan(government) is fucking everyone :l…

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