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    1. He may well be and it is funny but I can’t resist being a smug prick (again)… the ‘Light’ in Bud Light (and other light beers) is misleading and generally a reference to taste, as opposed to calorific content… there are 227 calories in a pint of Light and 227 calories per pint of several other regular Bud beers. However, they all taste like carbonated urine.

    2. What the hell is a Toilet Duck anyway. All I know of one is like you clean the shitter with. But I’m assuming that you’re talking about some kinda drink?

    1. is this the fellow you said you were fucking.. wisper in my ear trashy, dnt b afraid to come outa the closet. lol

  1. Two things, 1st, I give him a win on humor and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks. 2nd, this is the first picture of someone on here that I’ve actually met! Saw this guy at the Easyrider’s Rodeo in Chillicothe, OH in 2009. I have a pic and it’s damn near the same, including the two beers in the left hand.

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