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  1. ummmmm fake really??? There was a tv there, a large fish tank and various dishes that were shattered.. I doubt the parents would let them “fake” that scene.. .and even if he fell in a hole… the tv still hit him.

    1. Yeah, kids getting seriously injured and and ending up in comas is hilarious. Maybe it’s because I have a kid, but if this video is real, this really have me a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach :\

  2. ?????? Wow……….They Going To Get A Whooping For The Mess They Made And The Lil Blond Dude Was Like Holding His Crotch The Whole Time…..???? I Guess So When They Pushed Him He Wuoldn’t Get Hit There

  3. Watch it a few times and you can see how it is all choreographed. The bookshelf is real but the books and stuff are on higher shelfs makeing the whole thing topheavy and the little kid makes sure to fall down under the lightest part. Fake but a good show and probably made for a beer commercial.

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