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    1. you stupid assholes that only speak one language at least we talk two… suck that you bitches! you wish to be latin

  1. Pretty dedicated to smiling for a picture… zero reference to the stupid face in the front left, girl in the back sees the drink squirting… nobody is idiotically talking about how impossible it is for beer to do this when it happens all the time… ahhh… good fail, good fail.

    1. But if you look at the trajectory of the beer in relation to the angle of the bottle and relate it to the time in which it would take to notice/ the fact that it’s still pouring… hehe 😉

    1. I’m ashamed to say it but that never actually occurred to me… I saw the cock-sucker face- back right, but I did not think ‘golden shower’… shame on me.

  2. And yet no one notices the girl in back right with the perfect cocksuckin look on her face mouth wide open no teeth showing ready to go…..

    1. A-O has a point there….not everyone gives a shit about what other ppl say b4 they post their own comment….this might be a moronic example, though: ‘did anyone notice it looks like she’s getting pissed on????’

      PS- I’d hit it.

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