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    1. that is telling you that your warranty is about to expire and run out on you; ps warranty does not cover sperm damaged keyboards and screens

  1. I want to believe this is fake, I really want to, but I’m willing to put money on the line saying that it’s real. How many dumb fucking idiots (like this guy) are out there gaining indirect access to the internet? His mom was probably a crack head, his father was nowhere to be found, and his social skills are based on what he hears in rap music. Sad world some of us live in.

    1. Indeed. I am down with that my negro. However, I would say it’s fake as he uses capital letters at the start of every sentence, has been inside a library and describes himself as ‘a single black man’ even with the photo included, which is unlikely. Excellent impersonation of a stereotypical retard though, very convincing.

    2. to find his father you must dig deep inside yourself and think, his father is racist towards blacks, name begins with “R” ends with “L” with two count them two “c”…..

  2. Albeit probably a fake.
    Stereotypes exist for a very valid reason.
    Plenty of fat disgusting white “wimenz” who coalburn the bruthas.

    1. “Plenty of fat disgusting white “wimenz” who coalburn the bruthas.”
      Well, I aint gonna fuckem’! These hogheaded bitches! Are you gonna fuckem’? Somebody needs to fuckem’! If for nothing else so’s they’ll leave me the fuck alone. I’m sorry, but I’m just too cute to have to resort to bird dogging these nuisances with their elephant toes.

    1. “…we should have picked our own fucking cotton.” For fucksake, right. We should have done just like we’re doing now: import some Mexicans and have them do all the “shit I don’t wanna do” shit.

    2. You know what’s great? That” the white man” is now the minority. Looks like you racist pricks are out numbered huh? Which is why the only shit you can talk is on here because you say any of this shit to someone face to face, you’re getting the beatdown of your life. Ok you can go back to your trolling now 🙂

    3. @BulletsAndBracelets:”the white man” is now the minority. Looks like you racist pricks are out numbered huh?” I agree, except that the power is where the money is. And the money is where?
      “Which is why the only shit you can talk is on here because you say any of this shit to someone face to face, you’re getting the beatdown of your life.” You’re right here, except you’re talking about the white folks that “thought” they were rich before this “recession”. But the politician dumbasses still believe that us dumbass white folks are gonna go their way for that “white folk” sake alone. I understand why you’re giggling. I’m giggling too because I said this was in the works 10 years ago and everybody told me I was “paranoid”.
      My argument is this: Who is gonna actually work in this country when you have no one left that even knows how to work except the Mexicans that are imported illegally; will work for below minimum wage; that the “powers” don’t have to pay these extortionary taxes, permits, licenses on? (Notice that the politicians have stopped talking about this?)
      Everybody left in this country don’t know how to work, don’t want to know how to work, and if you told them how to work, would immediately forget how to work.
      I’m not gonna work my ass off when I’m expected to buy one of these shit pieces of new cars that I have to buy an extended warranty on (which is a scam and don’t get anything repaired anyway) and try to play the “keeping this shit running” shit, pay the gas price and put up with all the office politic shit, when I can do just as well NOT DOING IT!!!
      This fucked up country is fucked up.

    4. Now let me say that RicolaL is a one liner, neo nazi man and expects to cool breeze in with a line that will make a normally 10 comment thread bust into a 58 comment thread. So he’s probably finishe with this thread and go to another.
      Tex the Mexicanless will come in and “state the obvious” and Republicanize the conversation and expect everybody to ooo and ahh over his words of wisdom.
      The rest will state that I’m this, that and the other.
      I will sit and laugh because everybody knows that I’m right but think that I’m crazy because I said what I said, when I should have been polically correct and said something “fashionable”.
      I just like to argue and I admit I am no better than the rest of you people that should be spending your time more wisely, but we aint gonna. And that is that? Yes? No?

    5. seriously RoccoL…at least keep track on the various false identities you assume…YOUR own fucking cotton, I thought you were supposed to be British! – just proves my point that you’re in fact sitting in a dilapidated dump somewhere in the former soviet, getting man-loved by government secret police, dreaming yourself far far away and consoling yourself with all the killing-of-other-races you could be doing if you weren’t so puny and insignificant!

    6. @ pippi: Thank you, but the Chinese have shit of their own that they haven’t even begun to realize. I give those currupt fucks maybe 10 yrs and their CEOs will fuck that country worse than we have this one. Remember, capitalization is new to them. Personally, I hope they do well. Look at the shit they’ve had to deal with from the UK, Japan an the US for the past 100 yrs.
      But who’s gonna buy their shit when we are bust?

    7. Now, before anybody gets too commentable on what I just said, I have to bow out for awhile and go look at some porn and beat my meat. Sorry. I’m Uhmerican.

    8. Well fred I’m glad you’re dazzled by my wisdom…….
      But I’m no republican and living in TX I’m certainly not mexicanless.
      I will state the obvious though.
      You’re a douche.

    9. Love how you asshats come on here and try and turn every comment and follow up into some socio-economic dissertation.
      Go over to DailyKos and Huffington if you want to impress your fellow stooges.
      Id rather watch glaciers move.

  3. quick help to the non-gangsta-douhce speaking…does anyone want to venture a guess on what the following means: 1) whip, 2) finna, 3)OE, 4) tree, 5) “stay on allied…thanks

    1. 1) car
      2) going to
      3) Old English 800 Malt liquor
      4) Marihuana
      5) I live on Allied? not quite sure.
      I can’t believe how hood I am, if not for that last one that I’m not sure about, I was able to translate them all.

    2. 5) I would say either he in a gang or he drunk on alize (a fruity liquor made popular by tupac)…tupac (a gangsta rapper that is arguably the best lyricist of all time)

    3. …..really, you don’t say. and i thought it was slang for thug life on the streets living from place to place crashing where ever he could…. my bad

    4. tried using but couldnt figure it out i have to use that website to look up a lot of crap people say

    5. Damn Pippi; did you go to school in Chicago and get a degree in advanced ebonics? Crackers like myself had no idea what the hell he was saying. I thought maybe he had turrets syndrome or was just a babbling crackhead. Now I feel bad as it is obvious he is just a nice young man looking for a meaningful relationship. I am sure there is a fat assed, stretch pants wearing, fast food working, acne scarred and glasses wearing baby momma out there for him somewhere.

  4. I must also agree that it is fake but in the off chance that its not we must find this man and after we beat him he needs to be sent back to school to finish the second grade…or is that being too genorous…

  5. You see Fred, it goes a little something like this….
    You need a job for money.
    Money represents your labor.We don’t usually barter and trade goods as they did in the old days. You use the money to obtain items and other necessities to survive. If you have a rare talent or the spine to start a business you can also procure money in that fashion. That’s why you need at the very least have some source of income.
    Let’s stop with the gloom and doom as well. This country (and the rest of the world for that matter) has gone through much harder times than we’re facing now. The tides will turn back and things will stabilize.
    They always do.

  6. btw we aint commy, evolved from Republican-Democratic system to a communist one to find both were quite flawed in the the facted only the few and not the many benefited from the gain in which was needed to provide growth. so we smurf are in a equal work share environment, except for lazy smurf he is trying out the welfare system flaws

  7. Hahahaha! All you white boys on here name! You better make sure your daughter is not 1. Fat 2. White 3. Stumble across a big ‘ol black dick…lol! It’s over fer ya!

  8. Hell yea that post is real! Most of the time if there is a mixed couple the dude is usually black and skinny, and the chick is fat and white…lol! Black women don’t want his tired ass, and he knows it that’s why men like him snatch up those low sel-esteemed fat arse white girls! That shyt is real, believe that! I see it all day where I live. You think he’s dumb, not! His ass is smart enough to know some fat ass white chick will support his sorry ass!

  9. This is definitely fake. Probably some dumb white person hating on black people as usual. In all honesty, what have black people done to white people to make whites hate them so much?

  10. this shit aint real, im guessing some scorned big white girl (or small white girl who got cheated on by him) posted this. LOL still pretty funny

  11. I think its real in fact I bet $100 on it and the scary part he probably already got some white trash pergent…good thing he don’t worry about stds

  12. ˙ןןǝds oʇ ʍoɥ uɹɐǝן oʇ spǝǝu osןɐ ʎnƃ ʇɐɥʇ˙ǝq-ɐuuɐʍ ɹǝʇsƃuɐƃ ɐ ʇɐɥʍ

    (Translate me laptop-users.)

  13. what is sad is its probably a real post… as illiterate and backwoods as this chap is…. there is probably a dumb honky waiting for her prince…. (more alarming than charming) in his rusty armour he wears as gold…. may they find each other, and not have the ability to breed. The last thing we need is more Americans

  14. Hahahaha! All of you white boys on here name calling better make sure your daughter is not 1. Fat 2. White or 3. Lookin for some black cock hahahahaha! Its your daughters that you need to worry about! Since white girls are the ones always getting knocked up and left by black men. The jokes on YOU and YOUR family.

  15. UM, wow you people get way too fired up over a fake ‘post’, this was probably posted by a pissed off ex or baby mama. For all you know, this young man could be in college, or reading to the deaf. Stop stereotyping.

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