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    1. no but they can be trained to sit there with a treat on their nose and catch it in there mouth,… sadly this dog isn’t that skilled

    2. must had taken a good while to teach the dog not to move. with all those treats on his nose i bet its hard for him to catch anything.

    1. you thought her what? please i showed her that when she was old enough to have her smurfitism…aka her entering into smurfhood

  1. Obedient dog, regardless of the origin or the tower? Yes! Sick bastard that does that to a dog? Pisses me off! My roomate used to think it was funny to take one of my dog’s paws and push it through her collar and watch her walk around on three legs. That happened in front of me EXACTLY one time. She was so sad, had her ears down and looked ashamed & was scared. I suppose the people that enjoy these games fried ants with a magnifying glass, duct tape cats and kick dogs. They are cool like that.

  2. I wouldn’t compare the jenga bone tower to those other kind of treatment you referred to. Those are torture. The tower, is not, unless the dog is not being fed. But, this dog is obviously well fed and want to get both the treats and his human’s approval.

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