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    1. Ham, you are a piece of shit that is a very clever reference to the Starz series Spartacus. You cock eating fucking cunt bag.

    2. wow.. this chick suffers some serious race identification issues as well as duck face uber tan fail…. or is she black? I can tell…..

    1. i’m still shocked that Roccol haves a computer i’m positive that he lives in the hills with a 1997 monitor and tower that make those loud as sounds when u start it up and try to get connected to the internet

    2. Darkness are you black? I don’t think that because of your name but because of your horrible grammar and misspelling.

    3. Don’t mind RoccoL’s been angry ever since he learned he’s only half white…its ok sonnyboy, Daddy loves ya!

  1. this is what happens to white girls skin pigment when all they get is black seimen pumped into them. Inner city honky twat assimilating to her surroundings. Fucking Dummy.

  2. omg, i hate when white girls try to be black, its just not natural (nothing wrong with black people) but you were born white for a reason…and tanning that much just makes you ugly.

  3. she really looks like a damn fool and why do females now and days have to turn their damn lips up like that everytime they take a picture. smh….

  4. i mean…her friends don’t give a sh*t about her! real friends won’t let you go around looking like a damn fool

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