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  1. this dude clearly hates this chick and must also think that cops are real dumb. Black people are prime supsects when it comes to transit and should really try to follow all vehicular rules to avoid being pulled over. Oddly they decided to protect themselves by wearing ashly black leather body suits. Good Call Jermaine and LaQuanda. Fuck Ya!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tricked out cars the “negro” way are no more rediculous than monster trucks the “cracker” way. Both are worthless and stupid but put on a good show for many people and make money. Spend time in the Army, if you are a smart person you will see that white and black people are the fucking same.

    2. Really? I see white people all of the time that are leeching off of the taxpayers, are deadbeat parents, do retarded things to their “rides” and heads..and so on….soooo Idiot Defector… prepare to be bitch slapped yerself πŸ˜‰

    1. lol we do have the best streets…and vehicles…and food….and weather (for the most part)…and beaches..and hygiene…and dental care….and music (for the most part)…and movies (for the most part)…and internet commentators..HANDS DOWN πŸ˜‰

  2. Actually here in MN you only need sunglasses to ride a motorcycle, moped, or scooter. She was probably trying to start a new fashion trend. Plus you can load up at the buffet!

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