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    1. And more likeable than the majority of the younger and more “fashionable” crowd, but that’s just goes without saying. Not to say that they are not fashionable.

  1. This is why I love mamaws and papaws lol They were crackin me up, I loved it when he told her that her hair looked pretty.
    Def senior Win!

    1. you are clearly an un-dead vampire and will have no problems assimilating to modern technology with your charmingly sophisticated dark magic Mr Vladimir lol

  2. I’m 98% sure they smoked a fatty 20 minutes before they recorded this. Grandma has the munchies, and gramps is saying some crazy shit…in any case they are SUPER CUTIES! xD

  3. the pure definition of finding ur soul mate . . . its not bout the physical. . . its bout the conversations and company. . . the smiles and laughs and inside jokes. totally hope i can find that person and have an old senior moment like this <3

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