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    1. so your talking about having a crush on your brother when there is a 14 year old girl shagging a 40 year old man

    1. side note i married off smurfette when she started to grow boobs, so around 5 years old, to a 200 year old snork to create a united kingdom…for short now we call it the U.K. don’t mistake it for the copy cat European island

  1. Yes, its bad to crush on ur bro, unless you’re in RoccoL’s gene pool, in which case you’re encouraged to have crushes on family members.

  2. I was lookin up if it was bad that I couldnt feel my hip and then bam! early bday present! I wasnt sure wich was the worst LOL! it was just a plethora of wtf

  3. 50 years ago you people would be laughing at “Is it bad that I have a crush on another man”. Stop being selective in your bigotry. The same people that pride on teh gayness hate on incest.

  4. I started the Google suggest sequence and it finished it like this. I had to read the Yahoo! Answers strings. All are fuckin hilarious. How nasty.

  5. i had to test that out to see if Google was that bad. i typed in it exactly as the picture showed. Dad is now an option too ROFL. another great Fail from Google 😀

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