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  1. hahaha… yeah, his mom is right. If my mom had told me that about skateboarding, I wouldn’t have to take 3 painkillers every day.

    1. Next time you’re around your friends, ask them. Am I an asshole? If there’s a half second of hesitation before they say no, it means yes. If you don’t have friends, then I’ll be bold enough here and say ‘Yes, you sir are racist asshole.’ Trust me, I’m whiter than you…

    1. Kinda like the Butters tap-dancing thing? I’ve got something in my front pocket for you… why don’t you reach on in and give it a little squeeze :p

    2. Wtf indeed sir. And exactly like the butter’s thing. And I’m squeezing but don’t feel n e thing. Shall I try the other pocket?

  2. Lmfao! more parents need to keep it real with their kids to be honest. There are pieces of the old ways of parenting that just make for better people.

  3. Lol, any one else think she got a little overly harsh at the end?… thoguh saying that the idiot didn’t seem to realise that landing like that’ll smuch his shoulder XD
    Fail’d for the dude’s idiocy

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