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  1. Sit down you ugly haired, pale, no ass having, flat titty, jack hammer toothed bitch. …. BTW its not just beyonce, it Destiny’s Child, dumb ass

    1. having a life has nothing to do with anything about posting on this site. the only thing i know is your dumber than dipsht’s posting of first or RoccoL’s “negroid” comments of minorities

    2. haha I cant be dumber than dipshit even I hate that guy… And for the record do you accually think im being serious? 😛

  2. What the HELL ? xDD at 2:58 it’s RIDICULOUS. Someone please qo qet that qirl a T-Pain Mic. MAYBE she miqht be better wiff that.

  3. I think she was just having fun trying to be like one of her idols. It’s not like she was singing it, trying to be discovered! She was just doing lip sync in her back yard. No need to be unkind. The black running shoes were a poor choice of colour, though. Severely trunkated her legs and didn’t match anything else she was wearing. Oh, and by the looks of some spots on the grass…it appears a dog lives there and even having dogs myself, you don’t go crawling on a lawn that the dog “visits”…

  4. How someone was able to film this and not succumb to the overwhelming urge to hit her… or at the very least laugh in her ugly ginger face… is beyond me.

  5. go ginger go i don’t know who is more pathetic her me for watching this train wreak. (the hole thing) any body else guilty make me feel better

  6. This chick is actually famous. She did a lot of work with Derrick Comedy, and now she is on a show some of you might have heard of? It’s called the office. She’s the secretary.

  7. When will white girls realize that no matter how hard you try to act black, or how many monkeys you bang, you’re still a lame ass white bitch

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