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    1. suck dick first and thats a total win for the newsbitches they fkkkn burn those two annoying no talent daughters of a lawyer that help a nigga get away with murder porn star gettit in the ass squeeky voice Bitch but fkkn hot as hell would fuck that kim bitch while her two retards sisters watch oh and the twins are in countdown to be legal

    2. watching the news makes me feel so clevera, you know?, like,i feel like im doing something…. noble?, you know?
      anyway… GO!TEAM Kardashians YAAAAY clap clap clap.

  1. I hate news casters who try to have ‘fun’ with their jobs. Let’s be serious… news casters are people who understand a teleprompter, they lack any real life experiences, and they know how to comb their hair. I mean seriously, how many people really think that the Kardashians look like the real fools in this?? Nobody except for people who are 65+ years old…

    1. Nice try for a rant, but you’re a retard.
      Newscaster = Win, Kardashians = Fail

      Most people with a penis find them irritating as fuck.

    2. So, you find the news guy funny? Or are you defending him?? Nice try at a burn, but you failed… you fuck-stick.

    3. hey if you dont like people disagreeing with you its probably not a good idea to post on an epic fail message board. As for your rant…. your dumb, your points are dumb, you have no idea what you are talking about, and your mom should have aborted you to save the tax payers from the welfare you will collect (if you already dont) because no job outside of McDonalds or being an elementary school janitor would waste time and resources on the mistake that is you. Dont act like you watch the news cause you dont. and dont act like you have world experience cause you dont. you proved all of that when you typed the words on the screen. your ugly and your momma dresses you funny.

    4. Yeah, you know me so well. I hope you’re really fucking serious and actually pouring tons of emotion into your replies because if you are, I win. You’re opinions about me are so accurate that I wish I could suck your dick… seriously, you’re a godly commenter and I’m going to run away like a scolded cat… you fucking retard…

    5. …………………./´¯/)
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

    6. SMRT FAILS AT LIFE. His mom fail for not just swallowing and actually conceiving him. The dad wins for leaving both of their ass when he could.

    7. hahaha… that’s just mean! I hope you die a slow and painful death at the hands of the kardashian sisters… Also, thank you all for getting me through a desperately slow Friday in the office. Assholes.

    8. Lol, I’ll agree with you there SMRT. You just made these last couple of minutes go by quickly. Still an ass….but a decent.

    9. honey people all over the world (unfortunately because who the hell cares but shoved into my face everyday) KNOW the kardashians are fools. as a matter of fact i can think of a few other choice words to call them but I am a lady.. i agree news casters WIN kardashians hope to soon be hit by a truck full of anvils and cyanide 😉

    10. hey fkkn retard your and idiot you must be chloe or wat evr the bitch name is Ok the fat one those newscaster rock!! Suck Dick! yea you who read this

    11. wow i didn’t know 8 year olds knew how to speak with such ill conceived grammar, oh btw Kelly Papa Smurf loves you 😉

    12. Everyone on this post except for Moo Much & Spooky are epic fails due to your inability to spell or use the correct grammar. Your = your stuff, you’re = shortened version of you are.
      Now maybe next time you all decide to brighten your day by being a dick to a faceless random online, you’ll at least look semi-intelligent while doing it! Yay!

    13. Can someone please get the wasp out that’s stuck in JK’s vagina? Hope that was grammatically correct for you. 🙂

    14. Epic fail would be pretty lame without the roasting we give each other… it’s all in good fun on my end… but people like JK can eat shit. Also, my grammar and spelling rocks.

  2. LMAO, kardashian fail, news caster win!!! I don’t think any one likes them. Can they still hear us?… Can i get some cotton balls like that, lol

  3. You’re all gay (the bad/offensive gay) for this… newscaster fail, kardashians fail… people watching news channels like this one… FAIL… pricks… fuck I’m bored…

    1. because they’re real people and can joke without the end of the world this, global warming that, oh poor me. Welcome to reality, haven’t you ever heard of taking something with a grain of salt??

  4. God I hate the Kardashians… I mean get real, a reality tv show about ppl who dont live in the real world(Daddy, can I get the credit card to buy an entire line of clithes… Sure thing hunny anything you say GTFOOH??? Get real, those triks with their 1980’s retro shirts need to jump off a cliff and maybe just maybe i’d watch them.

  5. I have to say the quality of these comments is going downhill. Not one funny comment. Although kudos for there not being a single racist comment.
    That being said:

    I have some balls for the anchor woman, they aren’t cotton but she’ll like ’em a whole lot more.

    1. i know right, no dipsht, RoccoL, or dipsht’s secret lover OGdORK…. very few trolls. Who turn was it to feed them?

    1. thank you for that Kelly … now i got that sick clip in my mind now eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. This guy is awesome. Those fucking kardashian bitches are one of the reasons why this country is becoming a breeding ground for brainless mongoloids. I can see why the rest of the world hates us!

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