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  1. This is that store that the Catholic church started so they could start bringing in more revenue… word has it that their sizes are code for ages… so if you want a size 10…

  2. It’s not a mens store idiots. It’s a Korean Clothing store for kids. ha ha. it’s aimed at students who like cute “schoolish” clothes (e.g. uniforms).

    1. you fail yet again, smurfs are blue not black …. btw my smurf junk is bigger then yours and i stand 3inches tall…. ohhhhhhh

  3. The store’s in Shanghai. It didn’t look like a kids’ store to me. Actually, as a kids’ store, the name’s equally embarrassing.

  4. it’s a korean brand. it’s a kids to teens store. it’s in shanghai the same way gap is in france (but is an american brand). i have seen these stores in korea and in other asian countries.

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