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    1. @ Nuckelhedd
      RON SWANSON: “This fan isn’t up to your regular building codes. It’s installed per Swanson Code, which is higher than regular building standards. [All fans must be installed high enough or in a place where no one can be struck while standing upright to avoid injury. Section 3, Paragraph 2 of the Swanson Code] Anyone dumb enough to get scalped by a clearly visible fan deserves it.”

    1. better now, like i was saying now she don’t need that plastic surgery for her nose anymore…. see no stroke for

  1. Did she got hit by the fan. That has to leave a mark surely. I remember when I was a teen, I had a cut on my wrist from a fan and it was at the lowest speed.

    1. The site is set on a time zone stupid. It doesnt show your local time. Maybe you need a good smack in the face with a fan dummy.

    1. They were shooting a music video. She went to the hospital, got stitches, and then like 3 hours later, went back to filming like nothing happened.

    2. Sever,girl who get smacked by fan, was in the middle of shooting a music vid. The vid is called Interceptor and its performed by Sumo Cyco

  2. Lmfao, i did the same thing last year, knocked the feeling out my head and left one fking hell of a mark, although this one looks far worse as the fan is plastic o_O

    1. that is the red light reflection of the fan blade as it warps from hitting her face….. i wonder if in some other language your name means retard

  3. That would be two of the four members of Sumo Cyco (check em out if you haven’t heard of em. The one that got fan-smacked is their singer, Sever. Wicked ass cut from the shoot, pictures on their FB, website, and everywhere else these crackas can be found. >^.^<

  4. That’s Skye Sweetnam (also known as Sever in the band Sumo Cyco) and yes she is ridiculously hot. She had stitches from this little incident. Don’t worry, she’s still insanely gorgeous haha!

  5. Poor Skye/Sever. >.< But I seriously have to admit, that was hilarious…

    Either way, the Interceptor music video was finished and it was amazing and my favourite by far. =)

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