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  1. so is the fail the red team for stoppin the ball or the blue team dodgin the ball or the red team kicking the pole or the goalie fly tackle the ball for a self goal

    1. Exactly. This shit made it on the website, but my video submission of a speech impediment weatherman fail did not. Lame.

    1. and thats why u decided to “waste” even more time by writing ur comment for this video? stop acting up, that mainstream sentence is so old

    2. watching video game fail , then reading someone bitch about using the phrase “that’s a minute of my life I’ll never get back”…that’s one minute three seconds of my life I’ll never get back..

    3. Were you not expecting to see a video game when you clicked on the video? And if not, did you not realize it was a video game until the video was over, thus costing you that valuable minute? Poor you

  2. I actually thought it was rather amusing. I know FIFA have been heavily spruiking a ‘all new improved collision system’ (being their main selling point of the new game), it figures that PES would at least attempt to follow in the same footsteps.

    I guess this is why they have ‘demo’s in the first place. My favourite though is still the meaty ‘chunk’ sound you hear at the goal keeper heroically dislocates is shoulder (and scrores an own goal in the process).

    Apologies for the constructive comment. πŸ˜‰

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