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    1. Shit, the homo strikes back. Anyways, yes, this is in bad taste. At least have them fall into a huge shark mouth

    1. Was spelling the word ‘captain’ a task for you? I’m not sure if you (A) didn’t know how to spell the rest of the word, (B) really are the ghost of Amy Winehouse and were too busy nodding out to finish it, or (C) found it entirely too hard to hit the last three keys of the word…

    2. It’s not too soon to crack jokes about the titanic…is it too soon to crack joke about Amy Winehouse being dead?

  1. Why isn’t there a “WIN” button? Even when it wouldn’t apply we could at least count every person and their family members who come across a pic or video of themselves.

  2. Ok, Jenny. This is true love, we should re-enact their story.
    1. We meet and want to do it
    2. We have fun with dancing, but we’re not doing it yet
    3. I’m drawing you naked, but not doing it yet
    4. Finally we did it in a car
    5. Oh shit, I’m dead now but btw I have syphilis, have fun with that in America.

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