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    1. wtf? “Well away from him”? Check out 00:24 He hits the guy right in the face and the ball bounces off the guy’s face and hits the camera.

    1. That’s what I used to dig about Barry Sanders. He’d blast out an amazing run, score, and then just hand the ball to the ref and walk away. Classic.

  1. The dude who made this video definitely hasn’t played any sports… ever. He sounds like a nancy. “He threw it at the guy for no reason.” How about, he just included that guy in the post touch-down celebration and he’s god damn lucky to be standing where he is… STFU

    1. SMRT, you sound like the same pussy.

      “Being a pussy is a pretty good reason to hate someone.” =,(

      …you little skank.

    2. yeah he sounds like a little bitch. plus that guy didn’t even try to dodge the ball or catch it, just took it in the face like a bitch.

    3. I have haters… and I’m ok with that but when you don’t know me personally, how the fuck can you attack me on a personal level? How about a valid retort rather than name calling??? Ok??

    4. u have haters and a pussy, punk bitch i’ll beat ur face into the ground . do’t watch my video if u don’t like it. u fucking asshole. and yeah i do play sports, baeball and football im a senior starting runningback in hs , i have colleges all over my ass. so u can suk ur bf’s dick ass fuck

  2. New definition of sportsmanship: Old fashioned stupid shit that no one cares about, wants to care about, and if you explain it they’d forget.

  3. That’s just stupid.the player hits the guy in his face for no reason .Must be because he is know, play the most stupid sport in world (American Football), and hit random guys for nothing.

  4. why he do it.because he’s a fucking american
    it is what youre known for across the world ,doing pointless shit for no fucking reason and boasting about it.
    might explain the war on terror to you all.

    1. What was that? Oh yea, I’m fucking a russian chick, going a on a date with a persian beauty, and my girlfriend is a bolivian.

      Have fun with your euro trash. The diversity of America. Gotta love it!

  5. Well if you look he holds the ball out in front of him as a gesture of offering the ball to him….the guy didn’t get it. Then the player threw the ball to him in celebration, and the guy still didn’t get it. It now has come across as he threw it at him because he was a prick. That’s my take on it….

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