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  1. Bet the teachers were “cracking” a lot of jokes after school….. get it?!? BWAHAHAH
    I meth stop with these lame jokes… oops I meant, I must stop… BWAHAHAHAH

    1. You just read a news story about a kindergartner who brought his mom drug stash to show-and-tell in school, and all that amazed you was that she could afford bail?

      Baked all our brain cells have we?

    2. Is that a lot of money to you or something?? Fried brain cells indeed….

      Also, I bet meth had something to do with her complications after the surgery… just a hunch.

    3. I love how the news inflates everything. 3g’s worth of meth is a lot bigger then what is in the picture. The incredibly low price and high availability of meth combined with the great many stupid people out there is one of the main reasons meth so dangerous.

    1. Meh, drugs are everywhere. The fail is that the USA can give two shits really about the drug problem. Most just turn a blind eye to the problem and hope it goes away on it’s own…or they die first 😛

  2. Hmm…kinda puts a crimp in the age old saying by many a teacher, “If you didn’t bring enough to share with the whole class…”

    1. Why does the race matter What matters is that she is keeping drugs in each of her child and he could have been easily hurt So heartbreaking to read

    2. @mom2: She kept drugs in each of her child? That’s horrific! I know when I hollow out children I don’t store drugs in them…

    3. She meant the say in *reach. . . ugh common sense. and for everyone here Roccol is a miserable lonely racist. . . dont even bother.

  3. Shit happens everywhere,but man… that poor little kid. Meth and a crack pipe were the “important family items” he chose? Can you imagine what kind of life he had? That just sad 🙁

    1. Why does it matter what race this person is She could have killed her child It make me sick to read stuff like this

  4. So, this kid pretty much brought in his own ticket to Child Protective Services and put his parents in jail. This is 100% a parenting fail…

    1. No. We need no more laws to enforce on the poor. We just need to kill off the poor and bring in more Mexicans. Mexicans are cheaper cause they’re “illegal”. Just ask the politicians.

    1. Put away that pipe and go eat something, then read article again.
      You will be amazed at how long it will take you to admit that it’s not about a child that goes and gets crystal meth for him/her.

  5. That’s a meth pipe, not a crack pipe… dumb fucking kid doesn’t even know what he’s showing/telling – no wonder his moms is a jibtech.

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