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  1. The kid to her left has snot hangin off his lip, the kid to her right is shoving is hands in his mouth, shes like, “I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots.

    1. Thank you for supplying an attribution for your quote! I don’t know how I could’ve lived the rest of my life without that.


  2. What’s really funny is the other two kids in the frame. One has his fingers in his mouth and the other is playing with his junk.

    1. That sentence makes no sense, please learn gramma. You can’t say that children, you can say either That Child or Those children. Jesus f*cking christ!

  3. I guess she will have the same face expression when she sees for the first time some similar stuff coming out of a different body opening.

  4. the little girl looked so afraid. LMAO!!ROTFL!!
    She was looking like is someone gonna help him, cuz i aint, GOD I dont wanna be here anymore.

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