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    1. this is fake dude… As there is DAD it is sure to be from the son’s phone… Do you really think the son will post his fail??? If this really happened he’ll erase the msg imediately!

    1. Really fake. I mean seriously, who posts these conversations? Do you think the son did? Or the father?? Naw… this is fake.

    2. Also, Why would the name at the top be dad if the person texting (green bubbles/owner of phone) is supposed to be the dad?? Name at the top should be the son’s name!!

    1. “Why would gay son or gay son having day put this out there anyway.” WTF are you trying to say? It makes no sense.

  1. Just cos he said dont forget to bring the lube dont mean hes gay.. IF its real his dad obviously knows its a joke. i send messages like this all the time, its just a funny text not a bent one.

    1. lol… did you try to make a joke similar to “that’s shopped, I can tell from the pixels” ? If so, I think you failed.

  2. Fake. When you get a message from someone on a iphone it clearly state who sent the message. So when the fag reads “alright baby…” from his dad, he probably would discover his mistake.

  3. You don’t know why he texted his dad?
    He texted him because deep inside him, at an unconscious level, he wants his dad to fuck his lubed anus, and nobody else, and while having sex he would call him daddy.
    Freud said

  4. Since the green texts are from the dad, we can assume that this is screenshot of the dad’s phone, right? So why the hell does it say “Dad” as a contact at the top Of the conversation?

    You’re welcome.

  5. ummm this is so fake cuz the GREEN bubbles is the person Txting and on the TOP it states “WHOM U ARE TXTING” so somehow i doubt the dad would have his sons contact name as “DAD” it should be “Jake” or “son” there instead, its an obvious mistake therefore this is a FAKE txt joke FAIL

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