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    1. He’s a douchebag… when he comes out of the closet & starts sucking dick in the street for lunch, you’ll have your revenge. lol

    2. Fact: if it had been the other way around and it was the ex-boyfriend being being the stupid cunt getting owned by his ex-girlfriend, Amy Winehouse in this comment stream would be all “YEAH YOU GO GIRL”. Ah, double standards. 🙂

    3. Amy Winehouse – This bitch assumes she’s been cheated on and then makes something up and then tries to pretend like she didn’t mean any of it. She’s a stupid bitch and he didn’t do anything wrong at all here. Cunt.

    4. She had the first “your” correct. It’s not you are bestfriend its his best friend which would make it the ownership your. Retards all around. EPIC FAIL

  1. His first response is incorrect. “Your” was right in the first message. Not such an epic win if you ask me.

    1. That’s kinda the whole point of trolling. Making lesser people believe what you’re saying. So he was being a good troll.

    2. Or his first “YOU’RE” could have been in reply to an earlier message that we can’t see. He gets the others right.

    3. Ok, he might have been wrong in correcting her, but she agreed with his correction….. So fail for him, double fail for the girl for giving in so easy.

  2. OK,1) why did he start every post with Okay 2) its actually spelled OK 3) she did use the word “Your” in it’s proper context the first time 4) his mum use’s too much perfume 5) if indeed she is pathetic, then he’s pathetic fool who fucked her.
    This is a double fail ~LMFAO

    1. Yeah Dave… OK is actually Okay… and she did use your in its proper context… we all know if this was real, that it wasn’t his mom’s perfume… but it’s fake

    2. and ‘he’s’ should be ‘he is the’… and your #5 should read ‘If she is indeed pathetic, the he is the pathetic fool who fucked her.’

    3. ok is improper grammar and okay is the proper way to write ok hence your a failure for correcting him

  3. what a fuckin faggot lmao. that bitch is better off. ill bet hes lying about the perfume too. cant say ive ever heard of that excuse, unless he fucks his mom.

    1. Yeah… you’re probably right. I had an x-gf tell me that she was going to her parents house when she was actually going to her x-bf’s house… so it’s common to use parents as an excuse because nobody wants to chase the validity of it.

    2. Yeah… you’re probably right. I had an x-gf tell me that she was going to her parents house when she was actually going to her x-bf’s house… so it’s common to use parents as an excuse because nobody wants to chase the validity of it.

    3. lol seriously, who the fuck is this Daniel guy and why is this yep person and him always at battle with the fuck you’s ?

    4. good question Monica, I have no idea who is yep and why he is suddenly attacking me, oh well. I’m a bigger person, I don’t say ‘f u’ to people, it’s childish.

  4. she did spell “your” right in the first text, however this wasn’t what the bf was spell correcting. the guy was correcting each text as it came, her saying “i’m YOU’RE girl” is spastically wrong. the boy wins, well done you.

  5. Actually she had it right the first time it is “fucked your best friend” if you break down “you’re” it’s “you are” therefore, that wouldn’t make sense, would it now?

  6. Ha, so many haters. stop defending a girl who would lie about fucking this guys best friend then say “I’m still your girl” shes a bitch. I’m glad this dude left her stupid ass.

  7. the first time he corrected her, i think she used the right your/you’re. She said YOUR best friend as in it was his best friend not as in YOU ARE best friend

  8. Why is there any dispute at all about his ‘winning’? He may or may not have been lying about the perfume, but she admitted to lying so she was in the wrong for that. Then she tried making up for her failure with emotes and x’s, an insult to intelligence and character in this kind of situation, which automatically threw her into dumb bitch territory, so break-up was inevitable at that point. His messing up on the ‘you’re’ thing is neutralized by her stupidity, bitchery, and slaughtering of the written English language. Then again, he must have known about her low IQ before hand, so this was partially his fault. The points I have made, combined with his pwning of her grammar (besides the mess up, which could have been a tactic to make her look worse in the long run, as stated by previous commenters) or lack there of, ultimately grants him an official win. But, no one really wins in this (except me, I always win), because it simply could be fake, we all should know not to trust the Internet. So, as I stated before, there is no need for dispute and insulting people, I hope this paragraph has cleared the air for idiots and trolls alike. I have wasted all the time I’ve allowed myself on this, and with that, I leave.
    P.S. I don’t expect anyone to care about this, only wrote this comment out of midnight boredom. Troll me if you wish, it amuses me, but don’t expect me to reply, I probably will never look at this page again.

  9. The guy’s kinda wrong on the first your and you’re part. If the girl believed that, then the sentence would be, “idc that you cheated on me I fucked YOU ARE my best friend anyway so ha!”

  10. The girl in the first message didn”t notice that she was corrected wrong so she fails at life and needs to take 1st grade grammer again.

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