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  1. Umm… how stupid can you get?? Isn’t it a federal offense in the USA to alter, destroy or tamper with legal tender? And if we know anything about the USA, its that it likes to incarcerate black people…

    1. here we go, poor black people right… they don’t do anything wrong… it’s the MAN tring to hold them down. Like they were the only people who were kicked to the dirt, NO…they are the only people who are still trying to get a free ride from it. The rest of us moved on and did something with our lives and future. SO GET OVER IT.

    2. You twat.
      Negroids with their snail IQ put themselves in jails.
      The jails are chick full of whiny dipshit groids bemoaning ” I didn do nuffffinz!!”
      Cry me a freaking river 3rd class citizen.

    3. You’re both attacking me for your own personal reasons but neither one has anything to do with my post. Get over what? Why am I a twat? I didn’t say anything pro or con in the racist department… can either of you read or do you just have too much racist roid rage?

    4. Did you or did you not say “And if we know anything about the USA, its that it likes to incarcerate black people…”
      YOU make it sound as if the USA is putting them in jail for being black and not because of what they did. You are the racist here not us. I am defending the USA. You play, you pay.

    5. You’re saying that you’re not racist… talking this out with you isn’t worth it if you’re…. bah… I’m not getting baited

    6. Are you kidding me? “And if we know anything about the USA, its that it likes to incarcerate black people…” Sorry, but that comment was imbecilic and ignorant. Stop making hasty generalizations and obtain some sufficient evidence to back up your comments. The United States doesn’t LIKE to incarcerate African Americans any more than it likes to incarcerate any other race or ethnicity, so halt your bullshit and seek an education.

    7. It’s very easy to find statistics that back that up. non-Hispanic blacks accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009. That’s the highest representation of all races and more than the next highest two combined. So yeah, in loose terms ‘we know… The USA likes to incarcerate black people’. This started as a joke and now it’s a lesson in your own stats. I have an education, thanks.

    8. I think if your born black . . your instantly retarded and you stay that way if you live in poor neighborhoods and Section 8 housing 😛

    9. I love your form of “proof” that the US likes to incarcerate blacks. “non-Hispanic blacks accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009. That’s the highest representation of all races and more than the next highest two combined”
      That’s because they commit more crimes, genius.

    10. Yea lets make a $150,000 Minimum Court case because someone put 35 dollar bills on there head. GET REAL

    11. Omg people, get a fucking life! This is a funny site, suppose to be fun! Stop picking at each other and enjoy, jesus!

    1. Umm, no your not.LMAO. See everyone, having extra time on your hands can be productive, even if you are committing a federal offense. The US lock people up for J walking and drinking in public, she better watch her back!! Glad I live in AUS(for the uneducated among us that’s Australia), because my history of J walking and drinking in public is common practice, usually doing both at once, and our police would not even look twice!!

    1. Your post is typical. Typical of a racist redneck who fucks his sister and listens to kid rock… leave the trailer and turn off your IBM compatible… it’s time for change.

    2. roccol,dont talk about your grandma like that,you know she has that condition- thatz how you became stupid

  2. the federal reserve should lock her up for life.. she’s probabbly a drug dealer or a stripper because normal people with normal jobs don’t do that… That bitch should have used her bridge card.

  3. Wow not only is her hair a complete mess (why would you do that to yourself?) but look at her eyebrow. It’s the same width all the way across. Multifail for sure!

  4. lets light her fuckin head on fire stupid bitch, she should have used the money to pay some one to clean her house or buy some fake eye brows instead of drawing them on.

  5. Just because a person does something stupid or outlandish should not be viewed as racial that hairdo has nothing with being black. That is her obsession with money! There are people of all races with money decorated nails, clothes,etc. There are obnoxious, ignorant, downright detestable individuals that belong to ever race on Gods green earth evident by the not called for racist comments displayed right on this very page. Grow up cowards race banging over the net wouldn’t dare say any of ur dim witted comments to your so called 3rd class citizens face its very sad u pathetic excuses for human beings are allowed to procreate its 2011 u bums still think ur better because of a skin color I laugh at u and offer a smile a fuck u smile!!!!!

  6. I always love it when someone says “you wouldn’t say that to their face”
    Someone railing against racial stereotypes, yet throwing one out them self.
    Are you implying that blacks are barbarians that will pummel you over mere words?
    You can’t use the stereotypes you like and rail against the ones you don’t.
    I’ve seen white people do some off the wall shit, but I’ve never seen a white person who did this.

    1. U super slow my comment had nothing with violence it meant exactly how I put it RACIST like urself never have anything RACIST to say unless they are amongst friends or in UR case on the internet these fails are meant to laugh at a stupid muthafucka not blam their actions on being apart of a nationality. Barbarians that’s some old scholl racisim right there ‘TEX’ we have never refered to ourselves as barbarians that’s your ancestory from the sound of ur DIMWITTED comment. Pummel over a comment really! No! EDUCATE! Yes! We know how to use words not sterotypes that’s just where u took it sorry for your lack of understanding I pray that gets better for U n U can overcome ur own narrow minded view. Of course u would never see white people do something u see as out of line go figure #SIMPLEONE#

    2. Sorry but I didn’t get one coherent thought from your paragraph.
      Put together one sentence and perhaps I will engage further.
      Otherwise it would be like pissing in the wind.

    3. Funny SLOWBUS aka tex! U can respond to my first ranting paragragraph it was coherent my second comment was the same a paragraph U dnt need to worry bout puncuation its a rant slow bus U R PIsS iN the WIND dne with u lame!

    4. I hope that we can eventually get past the days of such ignorant white self-righteousness. RoccoL is most likely the perfect example of a bigoted loser who jumps at every opportunity like this. TexTheMerciless resorted to the old “you’re just an uneducated black person, so your opinion doesn’t count” strategy after he realized osoprettyme had a good point. And “barbarian”??? Are you serious??? What race has done more barbaric shit than any other over the course of history? And, not saying that it happens all the time (and perhaps not at all in some communities), racial profiling against minorities by law enforcement DOES still happen. Take it from a black person living in the south.

    5. Tex had every right to call osopretty me uneducated, purely on the basis of his horridly constructed post. I’ll edit it so the argument actually makes sense.

      “You’re super slow; my comment had nothing with violence. It reflected everything I was speaking of: racism. People like you never have seem to have anything racist to say unless you’re surrounded by friends, or rather on the internet where your case is concerned. These fails are meant to be laughed at, you silly man; none of the subjects in these posts are to be held as the primary example of their race, nor should their actions be indicative of those in their nationality. The true racism in this post is your use of the term, barbarianism, and I deem it’s quite archaic as well. Those of my race have never refered to ourselves as barbarians; it can be determined from your comment that your ancestors are to blame for that term. Funny though, I’m using the very thing I was arguing against, identifying an entire race by a singular member, against you. What a hypocrite I’ve turned out to be. Ah, well, I’ve digressed. Pummel over a comment! Oh, I seem to have used the word pummel incorrectly; how silly of me. I should inform you, however, that we would rather use words instead of stereotypes. It’s unfortunate that you steered this conversation in that direction. I pray to a possibly non-existent high entity that your narrow-minded view of the world is expanded. It was silly of me to think you would not see white people perform an act deemed outlandish, even though I’m guilty of this as well but let’s completely disregard that fact for the sake of this argument.”

      Hope this helps!

  7. WOW! I think that’s regular paper glued to her scalp….. however…. this is EFFEN RETARDED! SLAP HER WITH THE BOTTLE OF GLUE AND THEN SLAP THE BITCH THAT GLUED THIS SHIT TO HER HEAD FOR COMING UP WITH SUCH STUPIDITY TO MAKE THIS HEIFER BALD! This is why WEAVE COST $500……. LMAOOOOOOOO Glad my stuff is natural lmaooo SMH Ghetto MESSES!!

  8. Epicfail should be named racial wars instead, there isnt a goddamn page where their isnt a racist comment an someone defending their race but then they talk about other races. Fail.

  9. This was just a stupid thing to do….Money is like the dirtiest thing to touch let alone put on your hair. And I’m black but race has nothing to do with stupidity!!!!

  10. very creative. whoever has enough imagination and creativity to acheive something this “amazing” should be in some kind of fanasty hair show. im pretty sure she (the chick and the stylist) had enough sense to use fake bills though….at least im hoping so.

  11. Oh my god all of you are ridiculous. Its creative, innovative and ART. Its to bad people cant look past race, politics and money. And someone said something about “hair shit”. One of the largest industries is ‘Hair shit” and one of the largest employment industries is COSMETOLOGY. Some may look down on that but its a growing industry even in this economy and guess what Cosmetologist can pay their bills and arent being let go for cut backs and such. Get over all the material aspects and look at it as an ART PIECE thats exactly what this is. Great idea. Great work. Sorry people are so shallow minded to see it. Keep it up.

  12. I gotta say…. It’s TACKY! I mean, you’re going to a costume party or a human art exhibit that’s one thing but we all know she’s probably going to wal mart to get her nails did. LOL! Really though… TACKY… not art, not classy…

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