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    1. The proportions are off and the shading is all wrong… if this was done by a professional, I would be very pissed off. They should be doing perfect pictures, not ‘pretty close’. Especially for what looks like a memorial piece. Tattoo artist fail.

    1. Really! Come on, that looks like a memorial. I would guess from his son that died. Can’t believe you’re making fun of that

  1. Dude do u have to dig your own grave on every pic on this site? keep doin this and the comp will be your only place to socialize if it isnt already

  2. It’s not THAT bad, seriously. There are some shading and proportion errors but it’s not terrible. Sure, I’d be pissed if a professional charged me full price for it but it’s nothing that should be on Epic Fail.

    1. It’s a tattoo, that means it’s permanent. It’s not a drawing that you can just say “Oh, your proportions are off and your shading is bad, try it again”.

      “Not THAT bad” for something that is going to be on your arm forever is an epic fail for sure. Even worse, is the kid probably died and this is a memorial tattoo.

      Definitely an epic fail.

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