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  1. Another fake ass “text” that is not funny whether it is real or not. This site is going down an unfunny path line with bullshit. Hope it gets back to actually funny material and stops with these moronic “texts.”

    If you are lacking good material, instead of posting this bullshit, how about placing a banner calling for your loyal members to grab the video recorders or scour the web for actual fails and good material.

    1. The iphone corrector would automaticaly do it.. it’s a pain sometimes. i’m not arguing weither it’s fake or not. just saying

  2. Family FAIL.
    If you have to resort to fucking texing a kid for a simple order as “come and eat” then you’re not fit to be a parent.

    1. ummm and how? There are multiple reasons why he would text instead of yell. For one, if the house is big it is only common sense. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to hear him. Two, it’s 2012… people text. Three, maybe there is something downstairs that he can’t leave unattended. How exactly does “sending a text” make you an unfit parent? Especially considering damn near every youth in this country use texting. He’s staying with the times rather than sheltering his daughter. I’d hate to see you raise a family if you think he’s an unfit parent.

    2. lol I use Ventrilo to tell em its dinner time… Sometimes chat, like when i’m wiping the floor with em in CoD

  3. SO fake! First off, why would the laundry room be upstairs? In all two-story houses that I’ve been in, the laundry room is always in the laundry room (1st floor) or the basement. Next time you fake a text messaging conversation, please THINK and rationalize. Thx.

    1. Ive stayed in a house where the laundry room was upstairs in the hallway across the,two bedrooms. Not all houses are built the same.

    2. it’s usually a newer house thing. seen a ton of em doing satellite installs for Dish. makes sense, huh? clothes come off in, go on in and stay in bedrooms (usually)….on the 2nd floor.

    3. My laundry room is upstairs as well, next to the Master. Next time you comment on something, please THINK and rationalize. Thx.

  4. WAAAAAH…this is and Jesus cannot prove this is authentic WAAAAAAAAAH..who the fuck cares! You all act like this is some sort of legitimate site run by governemt agents or scholars with PhD’s…it’s a fucking JOKE site…OH MY GOD surely that doesn’t mean there will be jokes on it…OH DEAR GOD THE END IS NIGH WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


  5. the real Fail here is the fact that the father had to text his own daughter, WHO IS RIGHT UPSTAIRS! What ever happened to yelling up the stairwell? lol geezus!

  6. They might be in a Villa – one big house and multiple smaller “guest” houses. If so, it would be natural to use a text instead of going outside and yelling.

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