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  1. Now I know what I want for Christmas… a portable vag (or ‘Fleshlight’ to the rubber minge connoisseur). In case you were wondering. This toy looks shit.

  2. shit like this screams out cover up for major drug trafficking lol think about it look at the small mistakes they spelled in twice in a row wtf and there is no creativity in this at all, if someone is actully serious about this toy company then damn they probably fail at life.

  3. Looks like the full name is Super Superior Power Deformation Truck. So is this like the Super Power Rangers Superior Deformation Truck?

  4. @James how are u first when u are second and who cares about the first thing ur all just a bunch of freaks with no life at all ….

    Anyway how is this a transformer fail its not even a transformer the fail would be if it was labeled as one at least its just a cheap rip off like the gobots

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