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    1. 1. You can hear in the background “Sean Payton is arguing this call”. And the guy is arguing the call in his home.
      2. The guy is wearing a gold and black shirt.

      He is obviously a Colts fan.

    2. Well he is wearing a gold and black shirt which leads me to believe he is a Saints fan and with the Bears being announced in the background my best guess is that the Saints and Bears are playing.

  1. That retard must have been on his 3rd Bud Light the way he was acting!! What a great example he is setting for his young son. Father of the year?

    1. Obviously, yes. A dumb idiot like this can qualify for debt and borrow a nice place to live. An incredibly smart afghani saves their money and lives a humble life focused on feeding his extended family and educating his children. Call it what you will…

    2. Yep. This is how Mexicans are coming in, getting all the overtime and getting ahead, while the Uhmericans are bitching about, “They took our jobs”. And the politicians have STFU about all this illegal immigrant shit.
      Oh, sorry. I wasn’t supposed to say anything. Now I’ll hear from the patriot bunch, “This is just a recession; we’ll all be back in business here soon; I’ve seen recessions all my life and this is just another, just like all the rest”.

    3. I agree completely. Pretty soon it will be painfully obvious that the USA is not a ‘world beacon’ of “freedom and opportunity’ but rather a cancerous country that exploits whatever it can. However, further to your point, their saving grace (for the moment) are the immigrants who are saving money, properly planning and teaching their children the fundamentals to success. I read once, that 60% of American’s actually put ‘lottery winnings’ as part of their retirement planning… pretty weak.

    4. SMRT , . . Great joke my friend , you had me in stitches , omg . A `SMART AFGANI` , priceless , where did you think of that. And the `INCREDIBLY` part before `SMART AFGANI`, wow you should do comedy skits for a living. Now his extended family , does that include taking food with him to the afterlife to feed his 87 virgins , that his warped religion promises him. Oh yes the education for his children , does that include his daughters , OH SLAP MY FACE for even thinking that , females dont matter in Afganistan , they are disposiable like an old diaper. But that is part of the education that produces so many Noble prize winners. YAHOO to the dirt loving brainwashed afgani`s , Gods answer to Darwins waiting room.

    5. Wow Allah, don’t mean to insult you but you are one ignorant fuck..and after reading your post, you have no right to talk about brainwashing, looks like TV has done it’s job on you.

    6. Allah, your knowledge of Afghanistan obviously comes from American propaganda. You are acting stupid, ignorant, bigoted, and largely racist. The annoying thing is that it isn’t your fault beyond the fact that you don’t question what you are told. There are only certain extreme Muslims who worship the woman, and the woman leads the family from the household. They hold them high on a pedestal, believing that educating a woman is like telling a leader how to lead. Your take on it is the Americanized media. These Muslim religious beliefs are by and large fading away like roman Catholicism. By the way, roman catholicism can be credited with more murders than any other religion. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you retard.

    7. If we talk about Thailand, Korea or where ever it’s pretty much the same spill or one pretty much like it. And now that the internet lets everybody see this attitude. I won’t say all, but I’ll dare say most have this holier than thou outlook and it definitely doesn’t help relations. Like I’ve said before, some people are going to learn to have a sense of humility the hard way, and they aren’t going to like having to learn it. Most of them will just say, “Fuck ’em! We’ll just bomb them!”

    8. Exactly. There are a lot of theories about 2012 becoming the year when humanity changes for the better. The human race, as a collective, becoming way more self-aware and way less self-destructive. This is only sustained through free flowing information, from one country to the next. For this to happen, places like the USA, who drip partial truths that only magnify stereotypes, will have to change their end goal from world domination to world sustainability.

    9. I’ve not heard that 2012 theory, but I guess we can hope, anyway. All I’ve heard is the shit about what the Mayan calendar “predicts”.

    10. I’m hoping for zombies by 2013… So we can have one last visceral blood bath before founding a utopian society, based upon the ideals of our lord and saviour, Father Christmas.

    11. Yeah, zombies would be fun. I live in a small city so it wouldn’t be overwhelming and you could really kick some zombie ass.

    12. It always looks like so much fun in the films. Except the getting eaten bit. Although I do think Americans are at a slight advantage, with 27 guns per household 😉 I’ll be keeping it real, fighting the hordes with a particularly sharp letter opener… or I may just shout abuse at them from my balcony… occasionally throwing utensils at my least favoured undead neighbours.

    13. May be that Santa’s a zombie. May be that someone shoots that breaking and entering bastard, his zombie blood gets on all the presents and all the children become zombies. I’ll be working on the screenplay, you guys line us up for all the film festivals.

    14. I’d like it to be a Tarantino/ Burton/ Farrelly Brothers collaboration… ultra violent, dark, weird and funny all at once. Starring Bruce Campbell.

  2. 1.He should watch his fucking mouth,there is a kid there
    2.If he thinks he can do better…well get your fat ass out there and go try out for the team (Big Belly with Skinny ass legs) LOL
    2.This was Fake

  3. Obviously none of you are hardcore fans. This fucking redneck is a bad example and maybe a poor excuse for a parent (though I have to see a lot more than just cursing to be sure) but I felt him all around the globe…
    “20 years of this shit…” Dude I know what you mean

  4. I don’t know why he is getting so pissed off, not like he plays or anything. he is acting like one of the coaches. this is why football fans are getting a bad name. because people can’t control their temper.

  5. This moron should live in Buffalo. Then he would really have something to bitch about. It’s only a game. Getting upset about it does not help.

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