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  1. So usually when he’s fucking a man it’s no big deal, but tonight it’s gonna suck cause his grandpa is in the room dying.
    No comma required

    1. Seems that fuckin a man is the last thing he needs. Now fuckin a woman? That might just cure his ails. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. what’s wrong with seeing grandpa pack some fudge in his dying bed? if he dies in the process he’ll have his shit packed already.

  3. Dood I’ll bet “Robby” is as black as the pavement……nobody white it that ignorant…..ffs man this guy makes retards look smart.

    1. Bullshit. Tell that to your redneck cousins asshole. And judging by your grammar and spelling, you’re not on the bright side either. Suck on that motherfucker.

  4. Seriously, how much more of this crap are we going to let slide before we admit that the world really is turning into an ‘Idiocracy’ nightmare?

  5. By far the FUNNIEST thing I’ve read in recent memory. I laughed so hard for at least ten minutes, thouhgt I was going to pass out, my ribs and stomach hurt so bad…LMAO

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