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    1. anyone that stupid deserves to die
      and anyone that finds this behavior cool is an idiot
      please don’t reproduce

    1. would love to see what broke if he did not make it. heck i would love to see it if he only got half way in.

    2. Yeah, this was like watching a father son baseball moment that didn’t end up with a bat to the nuts… Very unimpressed with the result here… Maybe if they called it stupidity win?

    1. why not? people eat things like mcdonnalds and smoke/chew tobacco products. Either way there is risk, either way it can be painful, either way it can kill. People do it anyway because people like risk.

    2. @PRYO404

      Yah… I’m pretty sure eating a Big Mac and smoking cigarettes is NOTHING like jumping from 3 stories up, trying to clear a horizontal distance of, say, 15 feet… else landing on concrete?

      At least, none of the value meals I’ve eaten and Marlboro lights I’ve smoked have had the potential of rendering me dead, paralyzed, incapacitated in a matter of 2 seconds.

      Maybe I somehow pick the ‘safe’ McDonald’s and EZ-Marts to shop???

    3. danger is danger no matter how big or small. Just because you do something dangerous doesn’t mean anything bad will happen, but just like eating fast food and having a heart attack or smoking and getting cancer, jumping off of a building into a pool can go badly as well.

  1. He just almost didn’t make it to the water. And I doubt he made it with no injury. Looks like he may have clipped his foot on the pool’s edge.

  2. Hey dumbasses – that’s an impossible angle – it was fake. If you don’t believe it, go on and try it after you make your will out to leave everything you have to me.

    1. Juicie. Hell was invented by an author it actually has absolutely nothing to do with “god”. Go spread your quasi religious filth elsewhere. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, no matter how much it disagrees with yours. If 2LOLO wants to feel that the world needs less Nergos(whatever the hell those are) that that is 2LOLO’s opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. There would be something wrong with it if 2LOLO was going out and pushing Nergos off of things.

      Also, a “U” is a letter not a word. The word you are looking for is “you”.

  3. he made it cuz he had that extra jumping power i love being black we jump rather than most and he got swimming leason’s from that white chix in the back ground back stroke back stroke now butterfly

    1. Dumbfuck to English translation:

      He made it because he had that extra jumping power. I love being black; we jump farther than most. He got swimming lessons from that white chick in the background. Backstroke, backstroke, now butterfly.

    2. you are trying to put him down for understanding your message? I think the term for you is “Stupid fuck” as I dont think you lack the ability to speak. To answer your question K’s bitch is quite clearly you.

  4. HOLY SHIT! that was INSANE! what if he full face planted on the edge of that pool, he would have been fucked.

    all i can say is that guy has got some balls of steel

  5. It could have been the last thing he did in his life. Still I give mad props! I’d shit myself as a turbo booster during that jump..

  6. “Don’t do it”
    *fuck you, do it*
    “you won’t make it”
    *I hope he doesn’t make it*
    That’s what the his friends were thinking and saying.

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